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The Tamagotchi 4U+ (たまごっちフォーユープラス Tamagotchi Fōyū Purasu) is a Tamagotchi virtual pet released exclusively in Japan on July 18, 2015. It is an upgrade of the Tamagotchi 4U with new characters and features.


The Tamagotchi 4U+ is the same as the 4U in design, with the difference being in the coloration of the device. The faceplate's color and the trim around it now matches the base color of the device.


The Tamagotchi 4U+ has the same gameplay from the 4U with some new added features.

Characters & Personality Stages

There are new baby and child characters with the addition of two adults: Candy Pakupaku and Lovesoratchi who were previously exclusive to Touch Cards and Touch Spots. There are also four new personality stages: Himespetchi and Melodytchi now have an additional Personality Stage form, whereas the latter two are obtained through Candy Pakupaku and Lovesoratchi, who have one each.

Powered Up Items

Certain items and foods are marked with a symbol (A !? inside a chat bubble). When two Tamagotchis connect and exchange these items, it will change up to 3 times (i.e. apple becomes sweet apple, which becomes cooked apple and finally apple pie). These special items were available via Touch Spots and the 4U app. If the item was sent to a 4U, it would not change and instead would be used as a normal item.


There are two new locations to visit. Unlocking them requires reaching a certain number of NFC touches.

  • TamaFarm (20 touches): The Tamagotchi can grow fruits or vegetables. The plant must be watered every day in order for it to grow and produce fruits or vegetables.
  • Encounter Street (50 touches): Once the Tamagotchi is an adult they can encounter other Tamagotchis in this location and go on a date with them. If they go on enough dates with a Tamagotchi, the two can get married.


There are two different games to play at the Game Corner:

  • Bamboo Treasure: The user must pick between three bamboo stalks to find treasure. The treasure must be found 3 times to win the game. If Dododotchi is found, the game is over. If nothing is found, the user gets another chance to pick a bamboo stalk until they find treasure or run into Dododotchi.
  • Make-a-Cake: A certain number of cheeses and milk will appear on the left or right side of the screen. The user must memorize how many cheeses and milk were shown and what side of the screen they were on. The A or B button must then be pressed to correctly input the number of each item on the right side. Six successful inputs win the game.

NFC Connectivity

  • Quizzes: A quiz game can be played through by either touching a NFC terminal or connecting with another Tamagotchi.
  • Fortune cookies: These can be purchased from the store which will enable users to read their luck of the day. They can also be obtained through connection and Traveltchi may appear to give the Tamagotchi a gift.
  • Souvenirs: These can be obtained by downloading locations from Touch Spots and the 4U app.

Other Releases

Tamagotchi 4U+ Anniversary version

Two special Tamagotchi 4U+ shells were released to celebrate the Tamagotchi franchise's 19th anniversary. Like the anniversary version of the 4U, the content on the device was the same as the base 4U+.





  • It is the first Tamagotchi to be released after the conclusion of the anime, although the compilation series Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO was airing at that time.
    • The 4U+ is also the last Tamagotchi to be directly based off the anime, although subsequent releases would still feature characters who first appeared in the series as NPCs or raisable characters, along with songs that originated from the series.
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