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Tamagotchi CD-ROM is an English language virtual Tamagotchi program created in 1998 for Windows 95 computers. It was developed by 7th Level and Bandai Digital Entertainment and is heavily based on the Classic Tamagotchi.

The program is entirely separate from the Japanese Tamagotchi CD-ROM.


The game begins showing Maskutchi and Zuccitchi heading to planet Earth on a UFO. After voicing their opinions on the planet ("It looks very 'wet'," says Maskutchi), they argue over whose turn it is to clean the cabin (a large poop can be seen), which quickly escalates into insults and violence. They stop fighting when they realize nobody is piloting their ship, and it begins to fall to Earth at drastic speed.

They are able to stop the ship just in time, floating over a tropical island. They drop an egg to the land to explore for them, and promise they'll be back later to "pick the egg up."


Much of the Tamagotchi CD-ROM resembles the Classic Tamagotchi, with updated graphics and interface (for example, the Hungry meter in the Health menu is represented by bread instead of hearts). Characters are fully illustrated in their Bandai America style, and include voices and music during two of the three games. In addition, the options menu allows for the user to input their name, name their Tamagotchi and change the background . Available backgrounds include a city, a beach, a house, a field, and so forth.

Attention Icon

If the attention icon lights up, the game's window and taskbar segment will begin to blink until the Tamagotchi has been properly taken care of.


Three games are available to play on the CD-ROM.

  • Left-Right Game - the classic game from the original Tamagotchi. The user clicks an on-screen arrow or presses an arrow key on the keyboard to guess which direction their pet will look.
  • Shell Game - the character hides under an egg shell, and it is shuffled around with two other shells. The user must guess which of the three shells the character is hiding under. The game goes on for 6 rounds, and due to the low odds of winning, only 2 successful rounds are required to win.
Shell shuffle.gif
  • Gotchi Ball Game - the Tamagotchi gets into a small spaceship and clears meteors (green) and alien eggs from the screen. As the levels progress, the ball will gradually speed up and targets may require to be hit 2 or 3 times, and as the character ages their spaceship becomes smaller. The game is very similar to the classic game Breakout.

Playing any one of these games - win or loss will reduce the Tamagotchi's weight by 1lb.

Care Center

The care center

Users can send their Tamagotchi to a "Care Center" if they are busy or will be absent from their computer for an extended period of time. The Care Center is not a pause function; rather, the Tamagotchi continues its life and the Care Center tends to its calls. A Tamagotchi can be in the care center for a maximum of 72 hours.

85% of the time, the Call Center will feed, administer medicine and clean up poo as needed. Discipline does not count towards this. Every 24 hours, the rate will decrease by 5% until the 72 hour Care Center limit is reached.


The user can choose to wake up Tamagotchi before its scheduled wake up time, which is generally 9-11 AM. This is possible by selecting "Alarm" (from the Light menu) any time after 6 AM. If the Tamagotchi is woken up, it will then go to sleep earlier than normal, by the difference of exactly how early it was woken up. This however, will not be applicable if the Tamagotchi evolves on the day it is awoken early, in which case the Tamagotchi will still go to sleep at its scheduled hour, which will generally be 9 PM for teens and 10-11 PM for adult and special characters. The Tamagotchi will then wake up at its scheduled hour the next day unless the alarm is used again. The alarm cannot be used on a baby Tamagotchi.


The Scrapbook option is located in the Options menu, acessible from the check meter icon. The My Tamagotchi screen captures and displays the current Tamagotchi’s statistics. If a Tamagotchi returns to the Tamagotchi Planet, their scrapbook page will add a letter written to the user before they leave. The contents of the letter depend on the Tamagotchi's breed and why it went back home.


Tamagotchi in the game do not die, unlike the original vintage releases. When the end of their lifespan arrives or they are sent home through the options menu, a UFO will descend onto the screen, pick them up, and depart for the Tamagotchi Planet, leaving behind a constellation-like angel in its wake. While the angel is normally with blue highlights and smiling, it will have purple highlights and be frowning if the user sends their Tamagotchi back home manually.

Upon returning to their home planet, the Tamagotchi will leave a farewell letter to the player to express their gratitude for their parenting and to explain why they left.


Goodbye Letters


  • Although heavily based on the Classic Tamagotchi, there are differences that exist between the two. One of these being that, Zuccitchi and Pochitchi have their position swapped, meaning only Pochitchi can evolve into Zatchi.
  • Kuchitamatchi and Hashitamatchi can only evolve into Nyorotchi or Tarakotchi and Kusatchi or Takotchi respectively.
  • The animation style and character voices are the same as the ones in Tamagotchi Video Adventures, a cartoon produced by this game's developers.
  • The game came with stickers of the Tamagotchis and a UFO.
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