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Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop (たまごっちのプチプチおみせっち Tamagotchi no Puchi Puchi Omisetchi) is a shop simulator game for the Nintendo DS, and was developed by NanaOn-Sha. It first released on September 15th, 2005 in Japan. It was later released in North America on January 31st, 2006, followed by June 16th in Europe. The series spawned various sequels. Out of the five sequels (not including remakes), only two were translated into English.

In Japan, the game was remade with 3D, anime-styled graphics and new characters. There was also a mash-up remake that returned to 2D graphics and added many characters, including ones from the Tamagotchi m!x. It included several shops from this game in addition to shops from other games in the series.


The game focuses on Tamagotchi characters running shops. It is played almost completely with the stylus, except for the start button. It was the first Tamagotchi-based game to not focus on caring for the character. Instead, the player's Tamagotchi partner works in the various shops, performing mini-games to help customers. Users can earn Gotchi points in the shops and use them to buy food, clothing, furniture and decorations.

The player may chose either Mametchi, Memetchi, or Kuchipatchi as their partner. The goal of the game is to upgrade the shops until each one is granted the 'royal' status by Princess Tamako visiting them. Before that, the partner's father will appear before upgrades instead, wearing various disguises to hide their identity from their children.

List of Shops

Mame City


Dentist Gameplay

Here, you and your Tamagotchi friend help clean the teeth of other Tamagotchis.

In order to do so, you have to tend to their every need to make sure they don't leave in tears. There are 5 basic tabs used for this shop:

  • Toothbrush - used for brushing teeth whenever everything else is tended to.
  • Treatment - to drill teeth or dispose of the plaque fairies.
  • Wadding - for repairing teeth after they are drilled.
  • Implant - to put back missing teeth. Any spot that needs one will have an outline.
  • Injection - If the patient begins to cry (a giant teardrop), use this to calm them down!

This game can go in many directions depending on the patient and what level your shop is. But the basic formula is as follows:

  1. Use the drill on any X teeth until a colored spot appears, this is when you will use the tweasers under the Treatment tab to rid of the pesky little teeth rotting fairies and dispose of them into the trash.
  2. Now, use the wadding to fill the colored holes by using the matching colors on the teeth.
  3. You will use the toothbrush by selecting the brushes that match the colored spot until it sparkles.


Cleaners gameplay

Here, you and your Tamagotchi friend help clean the clothing of other Tamagotchis.

Clean and repair the clothing the Tamagotchi bring in. This activity is played in two sections and there are five tabs in all:

  1. Detergent - Pick the color matching the article of clothing to clean it.
  2. Stain Remover - After cleaning the shirt, tab at any stains with a matching colored removing stick.
  3. Iron - Remove wrinkles with this tool. Be careful not to burn anything though!
  4. Applique - To repair any holes in the article of clothing.
  5. Sew - Use the matching colored thread on any appliques.


  • Pick a detergent that matches the clothing and dump it into the machine. You will have enough when it closes. Then you will have to hand spin the machine until the item pops out.
  • From here, you can begin to iron and repair the shirt. Use the iron until you can no longer see any wrinkles, then dab at any dirty spots by using a wand that matches the color of the stains.
  • When you finish, you will need to repair any holes by picking an applique that matches shape (heart, flower, mushroom, shuriken, bunny head, leaf), then place it over the hole.
  • Use a colored thread that matches the color of the shirt, then sew over the applique.

Music Club

Music Club gameplay

Here, you and your Tamagotchi friend perform a song for other Tamagotchis to hear.

Keep the crowd happy by performing with your partner by using the following six instruments:

  • Tambourine
  • Triangle
  • Hands
  • Cuica
  • Bugle
  • Gong

You will know if you're doing it right when music notes fly out. If nothing happens then you are not performing right. In the middle of the song there will be a brief break to determine the performance so far.

Dental Salon

Dental Salon gameplay

Here you and your partner design eye-catching teeth! A combination of the Beauty Salon and the Dentist Office, this shop upgrades straight to Royal status. Like most shops it has five tab features:

  1. Toothbrush - If you make a mistake, use this to clean it up!
  2. Glaze - For those who wish for any colored teeth.
  3. Character - Use this tab to write any messages or includes any symbols the requester asks for.
  4. Accessories - Images the Tamagotchi will ask for, ranging from diamond, heart, shine mark, clover, music note, and bow.
  5. Silver - A shiny tooth decal, clean the scrap off first before applying!

Like the Salon and Dentist shops, this one can go a multitude of ways:

  • If the Tamagotchi asks for a glaze job, pick the color they ask for and rub it on the right tooth like the toothbrush.
  • If they want a character, you pick the tab and the symbols or letters. Make sure to pick the matching color. The same applies for characters.
  • If they ask for Silver, pick the object they want and use a drill to rid of the metal scrap it's attached to. When it's clean, the screen will go back to the mouth and all you need to do is apply it.

GuruGuru Town

Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon gameplay

Here, you and your Tamagotchi friend give other Tamagotchis a makeover.

Beautify the residents of Tamagotchi town by using these five tabs:

  1. Move - Switch the locations of some facial items with these tabs. You can also use this if you need to remove anything.
  2. Makeup - Only apply as much as needed, you will run out if you use too much. You can also use another tab here to clean off any error make up.
  3. Eyebrows - Ranging from small dots to big fuzzy lines, use these to help emphasize the eyes.
  4. Eyelashes - Same as above
  5. Accessories - Pick from one six categories.

This activity is a basic point, click, and drag. You can clean up any mistakes very easily and each customer will always order the same thing.


Bakery gameplay

Here, you and your Tamagotchi friend bake cakes for other Tamagotchis.

This game is easy and fun, but if you're not careful will you may just be looking at a bunch of sad faces. The five tabs used are as followed:

  • Flavour - The first stage of any cake baking, make sure to pick the right one.
  • Topping - The images that appear on the cake.
  • Cream - Bigger then icing, use this for puffs of cream or fat/thick lines. Be careful not to run out.
  • Icing - Smaller then Cream and used for more delicate dot work or lines. Avoid running out.
  • Knife - Sometimes a request may want the cake cut a certain way, use this to achieve that.

The steps to this game can be done in any order, after the cake flavour is picked. If the player takes too long though, the customer may get impatient and storm out.

Flower Shop gameplay

Flower Shop

Here, you and your Tamagotchi friend arrange flower bouquets for other Tamagotchis. Another easy to control, yet tricky shop. The five tabs are as followed:

  1. Flowers - The main feature of this shop! Pay attention to the customers request.
  2. Scissors - For any mistakes, use this to cut out any wrong flowers.
  3. Wrapping - Special paper that the flowers go inside of, make sure to pick one fitting of the flowers size.
  4. Ribbons - A special item for the wrapping portion of your bouquet.
  5. Decoration - A special message card or decorate item to include.

Once again, there is not set way to do this shops activity. Just pay attention to your customers needs while paying attention to the following things:

  • Flowers - Come in Red, pink, white, blue, yellow, and orange. They may ask for just one color, but if they ask for "many" pick at least three different colors.
  • Size - Small bouqets just need one or two flowers, medium needs three or four, and big usually needs five. If the customer doesn't tell you which size, then just pick whichever you wish.
  • Ribbons and Decoration - Normally up to you, a customer may or may not requests a ribbon or decoration.

Patchi Forest

Accessory Shop

Here, you and your Tamagotchi friend make necklaces and brooches for other Tamagotchis.

Make cute necklaces and brooches for the residents by putting together their exact requests using these tabs:

  • Necklace - One type of item the customer wants. Make sure to pick the right shape.
  • Brooch - Same as above.
  • Stones - Gems and pretty rocks to include.
  • Nuts - Objects ranging from fruits and nuts.
  • Threads - After you finish placing the nuts and stones, make sure to thread it together.

Make sure to pay attention to the request and do as follows:

  1. Choose the right shape of the brooch or necklace. You have no say in which one is picked and will fail if you pick wrong.
  2. Pick the stones and nuts the customer wants by observing the shapes in their thought bubbles.
  3. Thread the arrangement. When correct, the pieces will come together into the shape of the brooch or necklace. If it does not do this, then you did something wrong.

Takoyaki Shop

Takoyaki gameplay

Here, you and your Tamagotchi friend bake takoyaki for other Tamagotchis to eat.

A somewhat complicated shop if everything isn't just so, it will be easier as you keep at it. For each round of Takoyaki made, you will add one or two Takoyaki for each customer until you get up to six, then repeat with the next row of customers. The tabs are:

  • Oil - Apply two coats to each hole on the cooker, if no oil is applied, it will burn away if waited too long.
  • Dough - The basic component of Takoyaki. If you take too long with no oil on the cooker, this will burn and you will need to start over.
  • Ingredients -  Octopus, ginger, green onion, and crouton. Make sure to put all of these on each takoyaki.
  • Pick - Use this to shape and turn the Takoyaki.
  • Layout - The final step, you must use the purple handled pick to place the number of Takoyaki into the container, then apply the mayonnaise, sauce, fish flakes, and seaweed flakes. 

As said above, every tab will be used as you play through this shop. If you take too long the customers will get angry and take off, so be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you spread enough oil to the requested amount of Takoyaki. Rub over each hole twice.
  2. Now drag or tap the dough over the oiled holes to fill them.
  3. Use each of the five ingrediants and each takoyaki by spreading them along it.
  4. Now with the pick, you have to seperate each takoyaki from each other, then after a moment flip them. When they darken, you will know they are ready.
  5. In the layout tab, pick the purple handle pick and put the number of Takoyaki into the countainer, then spread the ingredients all over them.
  6. Click done!


Spa Gameplay

Here, you and your Tamagotchi friend arrange a nice, relaxing bath for other Tamagotchis to soak in.

Make sure you treat your guests well by serving them the following:

  • Firewood - If everyone begins to shiver, chop some of this to heat them up!
  • Water - If a small fire symbol appears it means everyone is too hot.
  • Bath-powder - Change the waters colors and scent by pouring some of this into it.
  • Shampoo - For the customer that wishes to clean while they relax.
  • Drink - A thirsty customer will request this from time to time. There are two different types but they come in three colors.

In this shop, it's up to you as the worker to keep the customers happy by serving drinks, changing the water to fid their needs, and giving them soaps. Whever everyone gets out of the spa waters then you will know when to hit the done button.

Florist Jeweler

Here, you and your Tamagotchi friend make necklaces and brooches out of flowers for other Tamagotchis.

A combination of the Florist and Jewelry shops, this is another that only goes through two stages. The basic, and royal. The steps basically follow the Jewelrs shop, but you are given different items for use and may need to work faster.

The five tabs are as followed:

  • Necklace - One of the jewelry objects to make.
  • Brooch - Same as above.
  • Crystal - Gems and stones for the obect.
  • Flowers - Pretty little plants to freshen up any design. If you take too long though, they will begin to wilt.
  • Threads - Use this when you have finished the design. If it comes together then you have done it right.

Care Mode

In this mode, the player can change their Tamagotchi friend's room using the money earned in the main game. The room can be seen on the menu screen, after choosing a file. The care mode does not affect the main game in any way, and the Tamagotchi cannot die or get hungry or unhappy. The player may also feed their partner, buy clothes that are worn by the partner in the shops, or tickle them by tapping them with the stylus.

After purchasing an item, the Tamagotchi will say their opinions on the change. Some items need to be unlocked by use of password or by giving gifts to friends through the "gift" option.

In this game, you always have to pay for the items you change or give your partner.


The player can feed their tamagotchi snacks which will make them happy, but otherwise doesn't affect anything else.


Dress your partner from one of six outfits. The options depend on which Tamagotchi you chose.

  • Eyeglasses - Mametchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Suit - Mametchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Kung-fu - Mametchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Lab-Coat - Mametchi, 50 Gotchi
  • Overalls - Mametchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Chef - Mametchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Waitress - Memetchi, 50 Gotchi
  • Hawaii - Memetchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Kimono - Memetchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Parisienne - Memetchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Polo Shirt - Memetchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Tennis-Wear - Memetchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Party Ware - Kuchipatchi, 50 Gotchi
  • Kimono - Kuchipatchi, 100 Gotchi
  • T-Shirt - Kuchipatchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Overalls - Kuchipatchi, 100 Gotchi
  • Apron - Kuchipatch, 100 Gotchi
  • Stripe Shirt - Kuchipatchi, 100 Gotchi


The player can buy various furniture to furnish their partner's room. Various pieces are themed after the partners themselves.


Already available and there is only three song choices one can apply to their room. They are based on the characters the player can partner with.


Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop was the 8th best-selling game of 2005 in Japan, selling 770,391 copies. To date, the game has sold 1.12 million copies in the region.

Possible Customers

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  • In this game and its sequels, the Tamagotchis speak a babbling-like language that mimics the rhythm of Japanese speech.
  • If the player is partnered with Memetchi and they run into Makiko in the Beauty Salon, she and Memetchi will begin to argue after Makiko insults her.
  • The English translation of the game contains several oddities in its translation. For example, the tempura scraps (天かす tenkasu) at the Takoyaki Shop is mislabeled as "crouton."





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