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Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3 (たまごっちのプチプチおみせっち みなサンきゅ〜! Tamagotchi no Puchi Puchi Omisetchi Mina Sankyu~!) is the third Tamagotchi game released for the Nintendo DS game system, following Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2. "It is mostly going to focus more on the entrepreneurial part of the game," said Jessica Wells, the marketing manager of Tamagotchi, in an interview for an internet audio show called "The Weekly Tamagotchi". The game was released internationally on June 17, 2008. It would be followed by the Japanese-exclusive game, Tamagotchi no Kira Kira Omisetchi.


Puchi Hill is in trouble, and an S.O.S letter will appear from either Mametchi, Memetchi, or Kuchipatchi. When the player accepts the mission, the Mayor, Mametchi, Memetchi, or Kuchipatchi will come pick the player up on a ship. The Mayor will have the player create an identity and, disguise. Once the game starts, the player will start out trying the Card Shop (Memetchi), Treasure Hunters (Mametchi), Recycling Center (Kuchipatchi), and later Violetchi with the Gardening shop.

Once all of the shops are unlocked, the Mayor reveals his real name, which is Tamanori, and he renames Puchi Hill to Tamanori Hill. Once all the shops upgraded to royal, the player will be invited to a royal party by Princess Tamako, and it reveals that Tamanori's mustache is fake. Then Tamanori Hill gets renamed again, this time after the player (for example: ABRAtchi Hill or CJtchi Hill), and the Royal Clock Tower theme will be unlocked.


Like the previous two games, the main objective of the game is to work in a shop with a Tamagotchi friend and expand every shop until they are renovated to the Royal status. However, you can choose which partner you want to work with in one file at almost any time (Memetchi, Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, and Violetchi; Violetchi was not available as a partner in the previous two games).

Changes from previous game

There is a new Tamagotchi partner, Violetchi, available in Corner Shop 3, as well as the ones available before (Memechi, Mametchi, and Kuchipatchi).

The four Tamagotchi partners live in the "Clock Tower" on Putchi Hill. The Tower's color scheme can be changed. There is a Park in the front and back of the Clock Tower.

You can have up to two files. In the previous games, you could have three. However, you can select whichever Tamagotchi partner you want to work with at almost any time, unlike the previous games, where there is one partner for each file.

Instead of Princess Tamako delivering the suggestion to upgrade the shop every time, it is the Mayor who does it until the shop reaches the Gotchi status. Then, Princess Tamako will come and upgrade the shop to Royal.

The Mayor and Princess Tamako will not order anything when they arrive at the shop; they will suggest renovating the place right away.


  • Card Shop- You have to follow your customer's orders to make their custom card, using different types of card, backgrounds, speech, characters and objects.
  • Day Care Center-You have to look after 2, 3, or 4 Tamagotchi babies. They will need feeding various foods, drinks (there are only two types of drinks: milk (seen in a bottle) and water (seen in a sippy cup, which is for older Tamagotchi babies), playing with toys (a pacifier is not a toy but it is used to calm a Tamagotchi baby down), putting them to sleep (singing or using a musical mobile that plays a lullaby) and even wiping up their hurt (or something) when they hurt themselves. They also make sounds. They will have a very happy look at the end of caretaking when you take proper care of them.
  • Day Spa-Give the customers treatment when they complain about their skin. Don't forget to suck up the germs!
  • Gardening-Grow flowers for the customers. You need to plant the seed, water and feed it, pick out the weeds and make it grow. Use the DS/DS Lite/DSi microphone to blow away the clouds or talk/sing to your flower.
  • Bakery
  • Ice Cream Parlor-Make the best ice-creams in town! You have to follow the orders to create the ice cream which includes: Getting the flavor and possibly mixing the flavours, get the cone and squirt out the ice cream and decorating the cone.
  • Event Coordinator
  • Decoration Shop
  • Treasure Hunters-You have to dig for a rock, take all the dirt off, dust it and see what you have dug up for the customer to take home with him/her today.
  • Piano Studio-Teach the customers how to play the piano. Follow the colors of the notes to play famous tunes from Minuet to London Bridge.
  • Recycling Center-The customers ask you to clean up a part of the city and when you do that you must sometimes cut up or squash the objects to make them smaller and then put the from the conveyer belt to the right bins.

Note: The bakery isn't the same as the bakery on Tamagotchi Corner Shop and Tamagotchi Corner Shop 2. You bake bread instead of cake.

Combined Shops

  • Bakery Gardening
  • Decoration Day Spa

Clock Tower Themes

  • Mushroom
  • Mame
  • GuruGuru
  • Patchi
  • Flower
  • Royal


  • A regional difference occurs when the player creates an ID card at the beginning of a new game. In the Japanese version, one of the questions is what blood type the player has. In the international version, this is replaced with asking what the player's favorite color is. This is because blood types have a cultural significance in Japan, but not in the US or Europe.
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