Gift Items

Items on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 1 are earned only from connecting to other units and receiving them as gifts. Items are limited as to which characters can use them. Items earned can be found in the Friend List icon and can be used anytime once earned. In addition, the Tamagotchi may use these items on their own throughout the day. Ojitchi and Otokitchi have no items and will not be able to use any item in the inventory. Items are lost upon death or when the next generation begins.

Name Sprite Characters Effect
Ball sprite.png
  • Baby stage (USA only)
  • Child stage
  • Teen stage
The Tamagotchi bounces the ball on top of their head.
Pencil sprite.png
Mametchi and Mimitchi The character sits at a desk and writes a letter, holding it up to the screen. The letter says "THANK YOU" on the English version, and "ありがと" (arigato, meaning "thank you") on the Japanese version. Occasionally, this will only show a thought bubble instead of holding a latter.
Bow Tie
Bowtie sprite.png
Mametchi Mametchi wears a bow tie and walks back and forth.
Bow sprite.png
Mimitchi Mimitchi wears a bow in its ears and poses.
Cap sprite.png
Kuchipatchi and Memetchi The character wears a hat. Kuchipatchi wears a baseball cap, and Memetchi wears a bowler hat.
Maracas sprite.png
The character dances back and forth with maracas in their hands.
Boots sprite.png
Tarakotchi Tarakotchi wobbles back and forth in large boots.
Skateboard sprite.png
Tarakotchi rides on a skateboard from the left side of the screen to the right, jumping occasionally.
Bubbles sprite.png
Hanatchi and Androtchi The character blows a large bubble.
Wig sprite.png
The character wears a wig. Hanatchi wears a toupee, and Androtchi wears an afro wig.
Cape sprite.png
Masktchi and Gozarutchi Masktchi paces back and forth with the cape flowing behind. Gozarutchi drapes the cape over itself and transforms into Oyajitchi.
Wings sprite.png
Masktchi Masktchi flies along the screen with black wings.
Darts sprite.png
Gozarutchi Gozarutchi throws the darts towards the left side of the screen.
Hair Gel
Hairgel sprite e.png

Hairgel sprite j.png
Oyajitchi The hair gel is poured on top of Oyajitchi's head, and he suddenly grows a large afro and goatee.

Deka Tamagotchi Items

The following are items gifted when connecting to a Deka Tamagotchi unit. The gift is determined by which character the Deka has running, and is immediately used.

Name Sprite Giver Effect
Burger sprite 1.png

Burger sprite 2.png
Burgertchi Eaten.
French Fries
Fries sprite 1.png

Fries sprite 2.png
Omelette sprite.png
Omuratchi Eaten.
Parfait sprite.png
Pizza sprite 1.png
Maikutchi Eaten.
Fried Chicken
Friedchicken sprite.png
Point Card
Pointcard sprite.png
Capsuletchi Shows "10 P".
Pill Bottle
Pillbottle sprite.png
Bottle opens.
Peanut sprite.png
Tsutayatchi Eaten.
Cherry sprite.png
White Tamagotchi
Tamawhite sprite.png
Tamagotchi Shows infrared signals.
Black Tamagotchi
Tamablack sprite.png
Letter sprite.png
Denpatchi Shows either (^_^) or (>_<).
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