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This article is about an English Tamagotchi release.

Tamagotchi Version 2

Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 (aka Tamagotchi Connexion Version 2 or simply V2) is the second Tamagotchi Connection release that debuted in July 2005. It was the first international Tamagotchi to have a shop and Gotchi Points. There are 2 babies, 4 toddlers, 10 teenagers and 35 adults with a total of 51 characters.


A growth chart for odd generations.

A growth chart for even generations.

Shopping and Gotchi Points

See: List of Version 2 Shop Items

The Shop function was first introduced on the Version 2, which utilises the Gotchi Point currency introduced on the Keitai. Unlike the Ojitchi salesman from that release, a handful of items are offered at once instead of just one and the player can access it at any time rather than needing to wait for a specific time. The player can carry a maximum of 9999p at one time and thirty items and treats each.

Under the "Play" icon (the same icon used by "Games"), one could select the option "Shop", where owners could use points to purchase different items. The shop restocks with different items at 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM, and 12:00 AM, and certain items only spawn on specific dates.

The shop also features secret codes the player could input to recieve special items. The player can press A at the shop screen until the shop owner makes a shocked face. The player could then input one of the following passwords for a free item:

Item Shop Code Cost (points)
Hair Potion ACBC ABAC 400
Cake ABBA CBCC 600
Steak BACB CACB 800
Stuffed Animal CBAA CABC 1500
"Honey" Love Potion BCBA CABA 3000

If the player were to input all 5 passwords, the last item they obtained would be replaced by a Mimitchi Costume item. Inputting the passwords again would make the item available for purchase.

  • Note: The first time a code is entered, it is free, but after that, they must be purchased.


The food menu now has a third option alongside meals and snacks - treats. Akin to meals, treats can only be fed if the Tamagotchi does not have six full hungry hearts and increase weight by 1g, but they also have the bonus of increasing two happiness hearts alongside the usual one hunger heart.

Each breed of Tamagotchi has a favorite food and one they dislike (with certain foods being liked by all Tamagotchi) - the Tamagotchi will spin in the air and its happiness will be maxed out if it loves the treat, or it will stumble around disoriented and upset if it doesn't and lose all of its happiness.


There are four games on the V2, each being unlocked one after another as the Tamagotchi grows up. The games all require a minimum of 3 pounds of excess weight in order to be played, and more effort is needed to gain happiness hearts than the games on the V1.

Games play an important part in acquiring money and determining care - the more successful one is at a game the more Gotchi Points will be awarded, and a care mistake may be reversed.

  • Jump: There are three circles, the player presses the button on the same side as the circle when it turns black. The player has to press the button in 0.5 seconds. The quicker the button is pressed, the further the Tamagotchi jumps. While only a single happiness heart can be earned in a single game regardless of performance (outside of a perfect score), the Tamagotchi will lose between 1-3 pounds of weight depending on how far it was able to jump. A perfect game will reverse one physical care mistake.
  • Bump: This game is unlocked at the child stage. A bar will move at the top of the screen, and the player has to press a button when the bar is high up. The Tamagotchi will fight with another Tamagotchi character in an attempt to push them over. There are 8 rounds. High weight and being of an older evolutionary stage than the opponent increase the chances of winning. A perfect game will reverse one mental care mistake.
  • Heading: This game is unlocked at the teen stage. Balls will fall from the top of the screen. The player has to move the character to where the ball is dropping with the A and C buttons and make it jump using the B button. 20 balls fall in one game. A perfect game will reverse one physical care mistake.
  • Slot: This game is unlocked at the adult stage. The player must bet between 1 and 9p in order to play this game, the amount determining the multiplier of the prizes. There are three slots the player has to press down when a good slot appears, indicated by the Tamagotchi's emotions and poses cycling in a set pattern per game. O is good, triangle is average, and X is bad. A minimum of three triangles or one circle is needed to gain a happiness heart (with three circles giving the usual perfect bonus), and the Tamagotchi will only ever lose 1 pound of weight regardless of performance. A perfect game will reverse one mental care mistake (?).


When selecting the connection icon, the player is able to choose between connecting with a V2 or a V1. If connecting with a V2, they are able to choose whether they want to play a game or exchange presents. Connecting with a Tamagotchi of the opposite sex while under the effects of a Love Potion will instantly max out their friendship rating.

By selecting the notebook icon, the player is able to go into the Presents section and select an item to wrap up or discard. This item will be sent to the next device the Tamagotchi exchanges gifts with instead of a random item - however, they may still send negative presents. If this occurs despite an item being wrapped, the Tamagotchi will begin smirking after it returns and the player will have the opportunity to discipline it.


See: List of Version 2 Characters



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