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The Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5 (also known as the Tamagotchi Connection Jinsei Plus, or simply the V4.5) is the fifth Tamagotchi Connection virtual pet. It was released globally by Bandai in 2007.

It is an alternate version of the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4, and an international version of the Ura Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus.


The shell is the same principle design as the Uratama, sharing the angled antenna topped with a star-shaped tip and infrared port at the top. Some European and Asian shell designs replace the star tip with a ball, making them identical to the Version 4.

North American models feature a keychain ring, while European models feature a ball chain. Asia and Oceania region models feature star-shaped bead charms on a rubber string, in the same style as the Uratama.

While the UraTama had blue pixels that matched with the blue outlines of the Ura characters, the Version 4.5 had black pixels like all other Connection models.


The V4.5 includes the same features used before on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4, although many jobs and all of the games are different.[1] New items and souvenirs are also available.

This Tamagotchi includes Ura Tama Town characters that were introduced on the UraTama.

Skill Points[]

Tamagotchi icon v4

The V4.5 has new skill points types. Like the V4, skill points affect what characters a Tamagotchi can become and what job they can receive. Skill points are earned by playing games and using certain items. The new categories include:

  • Funny: Smiley face icon (replacing Intelligence pencil). Earned from Apple game.
  • Gorgeous: Star/sparkle icon (replacing Fashion sparkle). Earned from Shapes game.
  • Spiritual: Fist icon (replacing Kindness flower). Earned from Manhole game.

Note that the first two games, Climb and Tug-O-War, will award skill points from a random category each time they're played.


The Version 4.5 has five games. Only the first one is available when the Tamagotchi is a baby, and the second unlocks when it evolves into a toddler.

The rest are unlocked when it evolves into a teen. As with previous Connection releases, The Tamagotchi needs to be at least 3g over their base weight in order to play a game.

  • Climb: The player needs to ascend clouds. A cloud (with a random speed and size, getting trickier as the game goes on) will pass back and forth above the Tamagotchi, and the B button will make the Tamagotchi jump upwards. The Tamagotchi needs to successfully jump onto 30 clouds to win the game.
  • Tug-of-War: Facing off against other Tamagotchis, the player has to press B when the strength bar is full to help their Tamagotchi win each round of tug-of-war.
  • Apple: Apples will fall down on the left and right sides of the screen. The player should press the A and C buttons for the Tamagotchi to place their basket in the corresponding directions to catch them. The basket gets returned to the center after every successful catch, so the button must be pressed individually for every apple. They must catch 50 apples to win. If an apple reaches the ground, they will lose.
  • Shapes: There will be three shapes falling from the top of the screen, and three slots are at the bottom. The player must use the A, B, and C buttons to switch the placement of the slots so that the falling shapes will successfully fit them. This is done by pressing two buttons at the same time to swap the shapes on two of the slots. They must fit 30 shapes to win. If any shape falls into an incorrect slot, they will lose.
  • Manhole: Hearts, bags of money, and snakes will pop out of three manholes. The player should press the A, B, and C buttons when they want a manhole to be covered, preventing the item from falling back in and earning points. Hearts are worth two points, and money bags are worth three. The player must get 100 points to win. If they miss many items or catch a snake, they will lose.

List of Codes[]

User can enter shop codes by visiting the shop and pressing the A button rapidly 4 times until the shopkeeper makes a surprised face. Codes can then be entered by pressing the A, B, and C buttons in the needed order.

Tamagotchi-Connection shopkeeper-cheat-codes

Shop Codes[]

If the player were to input all 5 passwords, the last item they obtained would be replaced by a Cell Phone item. Inputting the passwords again would make the item available for purchase. Note that the first time a code is entered, it is free, but after that they must be purchased.

Item Shop Code Cost (points)
Steak BABC BAAA 1400
Love Potion BBAA ABCB 7000
Clone CAAC BBCB 14000
Pen BCAA CBAB 15000

Tamagotchi PC Pack[]


PC Pack box

A special PC Pack was released in the USA (and Australia on October 31, 2007), which included a tree-shaped microphone that doubled as a Tamagotchi cradle, a CD ROM, a mousepad, figures of Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and Violetchi, and an exclusive V4.5 designed to represent a globe. When the CD ROM is installed, the player may use the tree microphone to interact with an on-screen Tamagotchi, or play a variety of games that rely on the user's voice. Several wallpapers, coloring activities, and screensavers are included as well.

Press images and photos on the packaging show the "Ura Flower" design in place of the globe design, but this was never actually released with the PC Pack.


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