The Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 has a total of 65 raisable characters: 5 babies, 8 children, 8 teen, 27 adults and 17 parents.

Character Picture Sprite Family Stage Gender Notes
Mimifuwatchi Mimifuwatchi
Mimifuwatchi sprite
Smart Baby Any
Mousetchi Mousetchi
Mousetchi sprite
Smart Child Male
Sakuramotchi Sakuramotchi blue
Sakuramotchi sprite
Smart Child Female
Mamekatchi Mamekatchi
Mamekatchi sprite
Smart Teen Male
Chamametchi Chamametchi blue
Chamametchi familitchi sprite

Teen/ Child

Female Mame Family
Mametchi 03 Mametchi
Mametchi sprite chu
Smart Adult Male High-Bonding Adult, Mame Family
Furikotchi 110 Furikotchi
Furikotchi familitchi sprite
Smart Adult Male Average-Bonding Adult
Hatugatchi Hatugatchi
Hatugatchi familitchi sprite
Smart Adult Male Low-Bonding Adult
KuroMametchi Kuromametchi blue
Kuromametchi sprite
Secret Adult Male Obtained by giving Hatugatchi a sesame pudding
Chantotchi Chantotchi
Chantotchi sprite
Smart Adult Female High-Bonding Adult
Violetchi Violetchi blue
Violetchi sprite
Smart Adult Female Average-Bonding Adult, Violet Family
LoveZukintchi 36 LoveZukintchi
Lovezukintchi sprite
Smart Adult Female Low-Bonding Adult
PapaMametchi 01 Papamametchi
Papamametchi sprite
Smart Parent Male Mame Family
PapaKurotchi Kuropapatchi
Papakurotchi sprite
Secret Parent Male Evolves from a married KuroMametchi
Mamametchi 02 Mamametchi
Mamametchi fami sprite
Smart Parent Male Mame Family
Omututchi Omututchi2
Omututchi sprite
Cheerful Baby Any
Ahirukutchi Ahirukutchi
Ahirukutchi sprite
Cheerful Child Male
Belltchi Belltchi art no bg
Belltchi sprite
Cheerful Child Female
Bakutchi Bakutchi
Bakutchi sprite
Cheerful Teen Male
Ichigotchi 25 Ichigotchi
Ichigotchi Sprite
Cheerful Teen Female
Sukatchi 113 Sukatchi
Sukatchi fami sprite
Cheerful Adult Male High-Bonding Adult
Mumutchi 112 Mumutchi
Mumutchi sprite
Cheerful Adult Male Average-Bonding Adult
Uhyotchi Uhyotchi
Uhyotchi fami sprite
Cheerful Adult Male Low-Bonding Adult
Memetchi Memetchi blue
Cheerful Adult Female High-Bonding Adult, Meme Family
Onputchi 33 Onputchi
Onputchi sprite
Cheerful Adult Female Average-Bonding Adult
Watatchi 37 Watatchi
Cheerful Adult Female Low-Bonding Adult
Makiko 07 Makiko
Entama Makiko
Secret Adult Female Obtained by giving Watatchi a Dresser
MemePapatchi Memepapatchi
Memepapatchi sprite
Cheerful Parent Male Meme Family
MemeMamatchi Mememamatchi artwork
Mememamatchi sprite
Cheerful Parent Female Meme Family
Majorite Majorite
Majorite sprite
Secret Parent Female Obtained by mating Makiko
Futabatchi Futabatchi
Futabatchi sprite
Easy-Going Baby Any
Mattaritchi Mattaritchi2
Mattaritchi sprite
Easy-Going Child Male
Tororotchi Tororotchi2
Tororotchi sprite
Easy-Going Child Female
Korokotchi Korokotchi
Korokotchi sprite
Easy-Going Teen Male
Shelltchi Shelltchi blue
Shelltchi Sprite
Easy-Going Teen Female
Kuchipatchi 13 Kuchipatchi
Easy-Going Adult Male High-Bonding Adult, Kuchipa Family
Nemutchi 116 ねむっち
Nemutchi sprite
Easy-Going Adult Male Average-Bonding Adult
Mukugetchi 114 Mukugetchi
Mukugetchi sprite
Easy-Going Adult Male Low-Bonding Adult
HotTeatchi Hotteatchi blue large
HotTeatchi sprite
Easy-Going Adult Female High-Bonding Adult
Yonepatchi 34 Yonepatchi
Yonepatchi fami sprite
Easy-Going Adult Female Average-Bonding Adult
Potetchi Potetchi
Potetchi fami sprite
Easy-Going Adult Female Low-Bonding Adult
PapaPatchi Papapatchi
Papapatchi sprite
Easy-Going Parent Male Kuchipa Family
Mamapatchi Mamapatchipic
Mamapatchi sprite
Easy-Going Parent Female Kuchipa Family


Iwatchi blue
Iwatchi sprite
Space Baby Any


Hoshitchi blue
Hoshitchi fami sprite
Space Child Any


Mikazukitchi blue
Mikazukitchi sprite
Space Teen Any


Sunnytchi V5
Sunnytchi sprite
Space Adult Any


Planetchi sprite
Space Parent Any


115 Osumotchi Male
Osumotchi sprite
Large Adult Male Obtained by overfeeding a family


35 Osumotchi Female
Osumotchi sprite
Large Adult Female Obtained by overfeeding a family
Metaboritchi Metaboritchi
Metaboritchi fami sprite
Large Parent Male
Metaboritchi Metaboritchife
Metaboritchi fami sprite
Large Parent Female
Puchiputchi Puchiputchim
Puchiputchi sprite
Petite Adult Male Obtained by high hunger level
Puchiputchi Puchiputchif
Puchiputchi sprite
Petite Adult Female Obtained by high hunger level
Puchioyatchi Puchioyatchi
Puchioyatchi sprite
Petite Parent Male
Puchioyatchi Puchioyatchif
Puchioyatchi sprite
Petite Parent Female
Gozarutchi 58 Gozarutchi
V1 Gozarutchi
Gozaru Adult Male Obtained by low happiness level
Kashiratchi Kasiratchi
Kashiratchi sprite
Gozaru Parent Male
Kunoitchi Kunoitchi
Kunoitchi sprite
Gozaru Adult Female Obtained by low happiness level
Okugatatchi Okugatatchi
Okugatatchi sprite
Gozaru Parent Female
Chibipatchi Chibipatchi
Chibipatchi fami sprite
Kuchipa Baby Male Kuchipa Family only
Kizatchi 117 Kizatchi
Kizatchi sprite
Violet Teen Male Violet Family only
Papakizatchi Papakizatchi
Papakizatchi sprite
Violet Parent Male Violet Family only
Mamavioletchi Mamavioletchi
Mamavioletchi fami sprite
Violet Parent Female Violet Family only
Imotchi Imotchi blue
V5 imotchi
Meme Child Female Meme Family only