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This article is about an English Tamagotchi release.

Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town Digital Friend, also known as Tamagotchi Dream Town and Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town, is an upgraded version of the original Tamagotchi Friends with added content and five new characters. It comes in six new shell styles, all of which have a different build from the original Tamagotchi Friends.

The version originally appeared on an image from Bandai America's official website and is being sold on Amazon and eBay. They then became available at Hot Topic stores in the US and Canada in roughly May.[1]


The Tamagotchi Dream Town retains many of the features of the original Tamagotchi Friends, such as NFC communication and sending text messages, but it also has new features, one of which is the skill system. The skill system is similar to that of the Tamagotchi P's; there are seven different skills and they determine which adult character the user will get. The skill that the Tamagotchi has is determined by the Dream School class they attend most (at least three times).

The Dream School feature is only accessible by teenage and adult characters. There are seven classes, each with a different game. Like the other games, Dream School games still give the user points, as well as making the Tamagotchi character lose weight and become happier. However, unlike normal games, Dream School games determine what skill the character gets.

This will affect which adult a teen becomes and in most cases, along with how well the teen was cared for. If no skill is obtained then the character obtained will be random.

Aside from Dream School, two other destinations have also been added, YUMEX-TV and Tama Circus, while the Park is removed. A "special" category is now added under the jewelry icon, which is where the Yume Kira Bag (from the Tama Circus) will be stored if the user obtains it. There is also a fortune-telling feature at Tama Circus. Furthermore, the user can now choose to dine at Music Cafe with other characters rather than only taking the food home.

The limit of five bumps per day has now been removed.


From top left to bottom right: Colorful Bubbles, Kira Kira Gem, Pink Lace Gem, Green Leopard Gem, Zig Zag Gem, Floral Gem

The body of the Tamagotchi Dream Town is similar to that of the original Tamagotchi Friends. It is roughly the same size, although it is a tiny bit thinner because the front is flat. There is gold paint around the rim, making it look similar to the Tamagotchi 4U. There is also embossed decoration above the screen with the Tamagotchi Friends logo on it, somewhat resembling a Tama Deco Pierce from the Tamagotchi P's. The borders around the screen are sloped towards it, and the front designs are actually a piece of paper behind a plastic plate, rather than being painted on.


  • Colorful Bubbles (red body)
  • Floral Gem (blue body)
  • Green Leopard Gem (mint body)
  • Pink Lace Gem (pink body)
  • Kira Kira Gem (purple body)
  • Zig Zag Gem (white body)


Dream School games

Performer Class - Press the corresponding buttons as the vertical line passes over the music notes. Press A if the music note is at the top, press B if it is in the middle, and press C if it is at the bottom.

Beautician Class - Press B to lower the claw and collect the correct pieces that belong in the image shown in the upper left corner.

Musician Class - Select the right music notes before they reach the bottom of the screen. Press A and C to scroll through the music notes, and press B to get rid of the matching notes.

Robot Class - Press A and C to steer the spaceship through space, without crashing into the barriers. Holding down B will make the spaceship speed up.

Sewing Class - Three items appear on the bottom of the screen. Quickly press the corresponding button for the one that matches the image in the upper left corner.

Chef Class - Use A and C to scroll the boxes so that the falling vegetables land in their correct boxes.

Pet Stylist Class - Press A to face left, or to jump while left. Press C to face right, or to jump while right. Press B to throw food at the Tama Pets.

Normal games

Tennis - Press A and B to move up and down the tennis court, and press C to swing the racket. The player must try to hit the tennis ball.

Balloon - Rapidly press B to make the character jump as high as possible. Then, while in the air, press A to grab balloons on the left and press C to grab balloons on the right.

Flower Count (unlockable) - Flowers will board and leave a bus, and the player has to keep track of how many are on the bus. Then, press A and C to scroll through the numbers and press B to confirm the selection.

Cake Catch (unlockable) - The player has to pick up the correct cakes which are pictured. Holding down A will make the conveyor belt move faster and pressing B will lower the claw.


The Tamagotchi Dream Town retains most of the characters from the original Tamagotchi Friends, except Kiramotchi, Charatchi, Decoratchi, Wagassiertchi, and one other unknown character have been replaced by five new characters. However, the removed characters still appear as guest characters.





One of the following characters is not raisable, to make room for one of the new characters, but it has not been determined whom.

Teachers (unraisable)

Other unraisable characters


  • It is referred to as "Tamagotchi V9" in the connection menu, implying that the original US Tamagotchi Friends (and the UK version) is Version 8.
  • The poster which comes with the Tamagotchi Dream Town depicts figures of Spacytchi (with his brothers) and Kuchipatchi, suggesting that they were planned for release. Furthermore, other characters with already-existing figures and depicted with new poses and facial expressions.


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