Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Tap and Hatch was a mobile puzzle game developed by Bandai Namco Games for Apple and Android devices, and released in February, 2014. The game was free of charge, but offered in-app purchases for power-ups, extended time, and extra lives.

The game's in-app purchases were disabled on September 1, 2014. The app was terminated on October 1, 2014, and has been removed from the iTunes store and Android market.


Each of the 125 levels presents the player with a board featuring several different color blocks. Any group of three or more blocks of the same color can be cleared by touching one block, and drawing a line from it through the other identical blocks. Blocks can be connected vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, and more points are awarded for longer connections. If there are no possible moves left, the game will automatically shuffle the pieces around.

The objective is to connect the blocks while clearing stated objectives, which vary between levels. In most cases, the player must complete the challenge in a limited number of "moves". Each level begins with an egg, and as the score goes up, the egg hatches. Each tier of Tamagotchi growth rewards the player with a star (up to three stars per level), and stars are required to continue onward to later areas.

If there are leftover moves, time, or Potty Bombs when the player completes a challenge, they are factored in as bonus points. Upon completing a challenge, the player is permitted to move on to the next level, regardless of how many stars they earned.


Hearts are necessary in order to play any of the levels. Hearts are lost if the player loses or forfeits a game. The game will automatically restore a Heart (for a maximum of five) every thirty minutes. Before September 1, 2014, the player could also purchase Hearts in bundles. Hearts are not consumed when playing any of the Generation 1 levels.


Achievements are earned when completing specific objectives. Each achievement also gives the player one of the premium Boost Items to use. Achievements include:

  • LEVEL 5 Cleared (1x Color Splash Pack)
  • LEVEL 15 Cleared (2x Gold Potty Bombs)
  • 1st Gate Unlock (2x Color Splash Packs)
  • 2nd Gate Unlock (1x +5 Moves)
  • 3rd Gate Unlock (1x Cleaner)
  • Get 50 Stars (1x Gold Potty Bomb)
  • Get 100 Stars (1x Gold Potty Bomb)

Blocks and Obstacles

Blocks that appear during levels include the following:

  • Colored Blocks: The primary blocks come in six colors: yellow, red, blue, green, orange, and purple.
  • Potty Bombs: Potty Bombs sometimes appear at the start of a level, though the player can generate them by connecting between five and seven colored blocks. Potty Bombs will clear all the blocks in one direction (horizontally, vertically or diagonally), depending on the angle in which the player connects it. Potty Bombs act as wild cards, and can be combined with any colored block.
    • Silver Potty Bombs: Potty Bombs that are silver in color. The player can generate one by connecting between eight and eleven colored blocks. They clear all blocks in two directions when activated (either both vertically and horizontally, or in both diagonal directions).
    • Gold Potty Bombs: Potty Bombs that are gold in color. The player can either purchase a pack of them prior to the start of a level, or can generate one by connecting twelve or more blocks. They clear all blocks in eight directions when activated.
  • Stone Tiles: A gray tile on the board. Normal colored blocks can pass through them. The player can clear these by clearing any block that sits inside the tile.
    • Hard Stone Tiles: A black tile on the board. They function the same as stone tiles, except blocks needed to be cleared twice within the panels to destroy them.
  • Poop Blocks: A black poop that occupies a tile. They cannot be used with any colored blocks, instead acting as obstacles. The player can clear them either by clearing a colored block touching the Poop Block horizontally or vertically, or use a Potty Bomb.
  • Snack Blocks: A block that resembles a pink cupcake. Like the Poop Blocks, the Snack Blocks cannot be used with color blocks, but move with the rest of the blocks. Snack Blocks cannot be destroyed by the Potty Bombs. Instead, the player must clear blocks beneath the Snack Block to get it to the bottom of the board. Once at the bottom, the Snack Block will disappear.


Each level has its own unique set of challenges for the player. For the challenges, the player may either be limited to the number of moves they may make, or have an unlimited number of moves but must complete the challenge within 60 seconds.

  • Block Clearing: The player must clear out a specific number of one or more colored blocks.
  • Obstacle Clearing: Similar to above, but the player must instead remove Stone Tiles and/or Poop Blocks.
  • Snack Removal: The player must move a set number of Snack Blocks from the top of the screen to the bottom.
  • Score: The player must obtain a certain presented score.

In-App Purchases

While the game is free, the game provided purchases that could assist the player in winning the game. They are introduced at level 6. As of September 1, 2014, all purchases have been disabled. The purchases included:

  • Potty Bomb Pack - $0.99. The level would start with one Gold Potty Bomb replacing one of the game tiles. One purchase would yield three Gold Potty Bombs. Purchased and applied before the level begins.
  • Color Splash Pack - $0.99. At the start of the level, one group of colored blocks would be changed into a different color. One purchase would yield three Color Splashes. Purchased and applied before the level begins.
  • +5 Moves - $0.99. The user is granted an additional 5 moves to play. Purchased and applied during the game.
  • Cleaner Pack - $0.99. The user could select one tile and clear out its contents without consuming a move. Purchased and applied during the game.
  • +3 Moves - $0.99. Would only be offered if the player ran out of moves before completing the level objectives.
  • +5 Seconds - $0.99. Would only be offered if the player ran out of time before completing the level objectives.
  • Hearts: Hearts were purchased on the map field, wend are only offered if the player has run out of hearts.
    • x1 heart: $0.99
    • x6 hearts: $4.99
    • x13 hearts: $9.99
    • x30 hearts: $19.99

Level Themes

Tap and Hatch includes characters and locations based on the following themes and releases:


For character and background artwork, see Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Tap and Hatch/Gallery.

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