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The Tamagotchi Mini (ちびたまごっち Chibi Tamagotchi) is a miniature virtual pet that acts as a homage to the original Tamagotchi. It is the second worldwide Tamagotchi release since the 2004 relaunch. Due to its small size, the Mini is often treated as a fashion accessory.

As part of Tamagotchi's 20th anniversary celebrations, the Tamagotchi Mini relaunched in Japan in April 2017 and in the United States in November 2017.


The Mini is 80% the size of the classic Tamagotchi toy, and takes one CR2032 battery, like the Tamagotchi Connection, Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus, and the Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus. The screen is 16 pixels wide by 16 pixels tall, half the size of the original Tamagotchi's screen (32 by 16 pixels). The screen has a printed background and no icons.

A total of 26 shell designs were produced between 2005 and 2007. Of these, 8 were exclusive to North America. Three of the designs (inspired by the first generation Tamagotchi) were available in Japan, the UK, and Australia. The remaining 15 shells were exclusive to Japan; seven were UNIQLO limited edition shells, three were inspired by the generation 2 Tamagotchi toys, three were completely unique designs, and the remaining two were limited editions. The "Good Luck" edition, sold on New Year's Day in 2007, features two unique secret characters. The 20th Anniversary version replaces the secret character Lucky Unchi-Kun (and Ginjirotchi in the 2005 English version) with Bill.

Special pre-release editions were given away at the after-party of a Destiny's Child concert in Japan in April 2005. They were identical to the first three shell designs, except they featured a black label with "DESTINY'S CHILD" written in pink stuck above the screen.



As the screen has no icons, "A" and "C" become context-sensitive buttons.

The "A" button is the "Function" button. When used, if the Mini needs something, the function will be carried out. This includes feeding meals and snacks (Hungry and Happy meters are not visible, but 4 of each food type are needed to fill both meters), turning the lights on and off, cleaning poo, and treating sickness. On the 2005 version, if the Mini does not currently need anything, the "A" button will not do anything. On the 2017 rerelease, pressing "A" will bring up the food menu, regardless of whether or not the Tamagotchi needs anything. The "A" button prioritizes certain functions over others, with feeding as the lowest priority, meaning its sickness or poo must be cleared first before it can be fed.

The "C" button serves as the "Check" function. If the Mini needs something, pressing the "C" button will trigger an animation. If the character gets a dizzy look and spins around, then its Hungry meter is empty. If they turn away from the screen, its Happy meter is empty. The animations will only trigger if the meters are completely empty.

The "B" button shows the clock. Unlike other Tamagotchis with the exception of the Tamagotchi Nano, only hours and minutes are displayed.

Pressing A and C together brings up the menu for turning the sound on and off. On the 2005 English edition, pressing A and B together will pause the Mini, showing an exclamation mark hovering over the character. This is not present on the 2017 edition.


One minute after setting the clock, the egg will hatch into Marutchi. If Marutchi is hatched after 8 PM, it will stay awake for one minute before going to sleep. After 24 hours, it will evolve into its adult form. Seven days later, it will become a secret character; in all versions of the pet, Mametchi will become a different character than the other three adults.

When the pet dies, the Japanese and 20th Anniversary versions shows Obaketchi floating next to a grave, while the 2005 English version shows Tamagotchi Planet rotating. It can either die at the approximate age of 15, or prematurely if the user either allows its meters to remain empty, or stay sick, for a full 24 hours. At the Death screen, pressing A and C together will give a new egg.


  • The Tamagotchi Mini is currently the smallest Tamagotchi release, with the second smallest being the Tamagotchi Nano.
  • The Tamagotchi Mini's sounds are very similar to that of the original Tamagotchi.
    • The 20th Anniversary Edition's sounds are higher-pitched than the original Mini.
  • The original promotional images of the English designs showed the screen layout of the Tamagotchi Connection by mistake.
  • The English 20th Anniversary version marks the first time Obaketchi has been on an English release.
    • The English 20th Anniversary version is also the version with the least changes from the original Japanese, as it was directly translated with no edited sprites.
  • On the 20th Anniversary version has a glitch involving Bill and death. When Bill dies, instead of the death sequence lasting one minute like normal, it lasts one hour, with the beeping stopping after the first minute.


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