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Name Photo Region Description Notes
Disco Lights
MS DiscoLights
USA Black shell with white logo, white borders, and yellow buttons. Printed pink, blue, green, and purple spiral pattern, stars, and two disco balls.
Glam Rock
MS GlamRock
USA Black shell with hot pink logo and black buttons. Printed purple and hot pink flames, white sparkles, and purple button borders. Back of the shell is purple.
Rising Star
MS RisingStar


Pink shell with black logo, black borders, and light pink buttons. Printed pattern of pink stars and black and white stars.
Rock City
MS RockCity


Light blue shell with black logo, blue borders, and blue buttons. Printed black graphics of a city skyline with musical instruments, and white clouds and stars.
Scarlet Rhythm
MS ScarletRhythm
USA Red shell with black logo, white borders, and black buttons. Printed piano key pattern across the bottom half of the shell, and white, pink and black music notes above.
Techno Sound
MS TechnoSound


Black shell with light grey logo and buttons. Printed gray headphone design and black and orange square sound waves along the buttons.
Pink Glitter
MS PinkGlitter
Europe Translucent pink shell with white logo, violet borders, and violet buttons. Printed white musical note pattern surrounding the screen. Special edition shell exclusive to Argos.