Name Photo Region Description Notes
Blue Ripples Ocean J BlueRipple Japan Light blue shell with blue buttons. Printed blue ripple pattern.
Translucent with Waves Ocean J Clear Japan Translucent shell with black logo, blue borders, and white buttons. Printed blue and white wave pattern, with two Tamagotchi characters surfing below the screen.
Translucent Purple Ocean J ClearPurple Japan Translucent purple shell with pink buttons.
Translucent Red Ocean J ClearRed Japan Translucent red shell with white borders and yellow buttons.
Blue with Bubbles Ocean US Bubbles USA Blue shell with pink logo, dark blue borders and dark blue buttons. Printed white bubble pattern.
Colorful Seaweed Ocean US Seaweed USA White shell with pink logo and light pink buttons. Printed light pink, blue and violet seaweed pattern.
Sea Life Ocean USA Sealife USA White shell with pink logo, orange borders, and light pink buttons. Printed pattern of blue and orange sea creatures.
Teal with Characters Ocean US Characters USA Teal shell with pink logo, white borders and white buttons. Printed pink outline graphics of Otototchi (top left), Kingyotchi (top right), Taiyakitchi (bottom left), and Kingyotchi (bottom right). Not promoted in initial sales flyer. Replaced the "Blue Waves" shell.
Blue Waves Ocean US unused USA (Unreleased) Blue shell with white buttons. Printed marble wave pattern. Promoted in the US sales flyer, but never released.
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