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The Tamagotchi On (known as the Tamagotchi Meets (たまごっちみーつ Tamagotchi Miitsu) in Japan and the Tamagotchi Some (다마고치 썸) in Korea) is the latest series of color Tamagotchi pets, released on November 23, 2018 in Japan, July 10, 2019 in Canada, and in the USA on July 28, 2019. It is the successor to the Tamagotchi m!x, having similar functions but with new features and characters, and the first color-screen Tamagotchi to be released worldwide.


The Tamagotchi On is the same size as the Tamagotchi m!x, and features a clear faceplate that encompasses the entire front (as opposed to the Tamagotchi m!x, which had the buttons cut off from the faceplate). Beneath the faceplate is a printed graphic, while the faceplate itself has its own matching prints. It has an infrared port at the top, and the English and Japanese versions support GPS and Bluetooth connectivity.

Like the m!x, The On has no icons on the main screen, instead having the animations take up the screen's full resolution and the 10 icons appearing when A is pressed, with each icon's function appearing in a text box above. The Attention icon doesn't appear among the main icons, instead appearing at the top-right corner of the screen if the Tamagotchi calls.


Similar to its predecessor, the On comes in multiple versions with different m!xable characters and exclusive locations. Two versions, Fairy and Magic, have been released outside Japan, while the other versions are all exclusive to Japan.



Main article: Tamagotchi On/M!xable Characters

The Tamagotchi On retains the m!x feature from the Tamagotchi m!x. While raising the Tamagotchi is the same as other releases during the first generation, from the second generation onward, the new child will take on the physical characteristics of its parents. The traits start simply with the baby stage's body colors, but they become more distinct as it evolves. Some traits may disappear after several generations and then suddenly resurface later. By connecting and marrying two different versions, physical traits inherited from a character exclusive to one version can be carried over to another.


From the second generation onward, there is a chance twin babies will be born instead of just one. The babies may grow up to be identical or inherit different genetics as adults.

Tama Pets

The Tamagotchi can now have a Tama Pet, and the pet may produce its own m!xed offspring with another Tama Pet. Tama Pets are lured in by leaving a toy outside, and then checking later to see if one has appeared. The user can then choose whether or not to keep it. The Tama Pets available vary between versions.

Happy Meter

The Happy Meter is a meter in the status screen. It is measured in points (up to 100), visually represented by 18 colored bars. Baby, child and teen characters can only fill the bar halfway (45 points), while adults can fill it entirely. How full the meter is determines how the Tamagotchi moves on screen and interacts with the user, as well as influencing child and teen evolutions. From the second generation onward, it has a small influence on what genetics are inherited.

Happiness gradually depletes over time, and can be filled by feeding snacks, playing games, using toys, meeting other characters via travelling, connecting, using the app, and by using the toilet. If the Tamagotchi is seen sulking in the corner, then its Happiness is less than a quarter full.

Food and Color Change

The Food menu list is separated by two options: Fridge and Restaurant. The Fridge contains the default foods, as well as any food the user has bought. In the Fridge, an icon on the top right indicates what kind of a food it is (a rice bowl for meals, and a piece of candy for snacks). The restaurant lists meals and snacks separately, and all foods require Gotchi Points.

Certain foods will change the Tamagotchi's body color if eaten five times. These colors include yellow, red, blue, white, pink, purple, and grey.

Bathroom and Cleanliness

The Tamagotchi will poop throughout its life, requiring the user to select the Bathroom icon to clean it. If the user selects the Bathroom icon the moment before the Tamagotchi poops, it will use the toilet instead, and increase Happiness.

The Bathroom icon can also be used to bathe the Tamagotchi in a bathtub. Failing to bathe the Tamagotchi for 24 hours will make it appear dirty, which may lead it to getting sick. Additionally, the living room must also be cleaned using the Vacuum option in the Item Box. If not cleaned for 24 hours, it will also become dirty, which can lead to sickness.

Family Icon

The fifth icon on the menu is the Family icon. This allows the user to check the Tamagotchi's lineage and see a family photo. From the second generation onward, this icon can also be used to visit the Tamagotchi's parents.


There are two icons dedicated to travel. One is for the My Town's locations, and the other is for the Tama Resort locations, which are gradually unlocked through play.

My Town

The first travel icon lets the user visit the Tamagotchi's town and visit the TamaMall or Park. At the TamaMall, the user can have the house remodeled, buy items, buy fashion accessories, or buy a wedding ring, which is necessary to propose to characters met in other locations. The Game Corner is also accessed here. At the Park, the Tamagotchi can meet and interact with other characters.

Tama Resort Locations

Each location includes a square, a shop, an event spot, and the option to marry. At the square, the Tamagotchi can meet other characters that live there and, if the user has the correct items, the Tamagotchi can become friends with them and later propose to them. The shop allows the user to buy special items exclusive to that location. The event spot lets the Tamagotchi see an animation pertaining to that town.

When connecting two units together, an option is available to travel to one of the unlocked locations. If the invited Tamagotchi has not unlocked the location yet, it will immediately unlock after the connection animation is complete. This does not work when traveling to locations that aren't available on the other unit.

The locations are as follows:

  • Tama Resort Hotel (all versions): Unlocks when you click the icon for the first time from the child stage onward.
  • Food Town: Eat the Omurice 5 times or more at the restaurant.
  • Tama Farm (Fairy, Magic, and Sanrio): Visit Gourmet Street several times.
  • Toy Park (all versions): From the second generation onward, wear the Drum accessory and visit the backyard.
  • Tama Sport Plaza (Fairy, Magic, and Pastel): Connect with two different Tamagotchis, and then use the Ball toy.
  • Starry Lab (Fairy, Magic, and Pastel): From the second generation onward, change the background to the Starry Sky background, and then go outside after 7 PM.
  • Salon (Fairy, Magic, and Pastel): From the second generation ward, change the Tamagotchi's color twice, and then visit the backyard.
  • Fairy Land (Fairy exclusive): From the third generation onward, change the background to Dreamy Living, and then visit the backyard at 7 AM.
  • Magic Land (Magic exclusive): From the third generation onward, change the background to Magical Living, and then visit the backyard at 7 PM.
  • Easter Island (Pastel exclusive): From the second generation onward, visit the backyard.
  • Flower Garden (Pastel exclusive): Win the Honey Pot from the Egg Hunt at Easter Island, and then use it.
  • Puroland (Sanrio exclusive): From the second generation onward, visit the backyard.
  • Mariland (Sanrio exclusive): Visit the backyard when the Tamagotchi is an adult.
  • Twin Stars Land (Sanrio exclusive): During the child stage, visit the backyard during a clear night sky after 7 PM.
  • Strawberry Kingdom (Sanrio exclusive): From the second generation onward, change the background to Strawberry Living, and then visit the backyard after 1 PM.



The Tamagotchi will appear standing on a surfboard in the ocean, with an empty meter above it. The user will have about 12 seconds to press the A button as much as they can to fill a meter. Filling the meter completely wins the game. The more full the meter is, the better the Tamagotchi will surf; a full meter results in it successfully riding a big wave.


The Tamagotchi will stand a dock with three piers. Dolphintchi and Sharktchi will swim towards the three piers, and the user must move their Tamagotchi up (pressing A) and down (pressing B) the three piers to collect presents from Dolphintchi and avoid Sharktchi. Missing a present from Dolphintchi or getting too close to Sharktchi ends the game, and 15 ends as a perfect game.

Sickness and Death

The Tamagotchi will periodically become sick throughout its life. It naturally gets sick within a few hours of evolution, but can also get sick through neglect, such as allowing it or its room to stay dirty for a long period of time, or allowing Poo to accumulate. If the Tamagotchi is fed snacks too quickly, it will get a toothache. Both are cured by using the First Aid icon.

If the user neglects the Tamagotchi too severely, the Grim Gotchi will appear. Selecting the First Aid icon will transport the Tamagotchi to the hospital, while the Grim Gotchi is chased away by Chestnut Angel. If the user fails to respond within 15 minutes, the Tamagotchi will die. For the next egg hatched, all genetic traits inherited previously will be lost, but the unlocked locations, all purchased food and items, and Gotchi Points will carry over.


The Tamagotchi On features both Bluetooth and infrared connectivity, allowing it to connect to other On devices, and an app through tablets or smartphones. The Japanese Meets can connect to the m!x, including exchanging presents and playing games, but cannot marry. While the On and Meets can connect, they cannot send and receive gifts from each other. Additionally, the On cannot connect to the m!x.


The Tamagotchi Meets App and Tamagotchi On App are special tie-in apps. The Meets app was made available on mobile OS systems on November 10th, 2018, while the On app was released on July 28, 2019. Similar to TamaTown, the user can send their Tamagotchi to a fully interactive town, where they can play games, collect items and Gotchi Points, and marry other characters. The app also periodically distributes exclusive items and characters, beginning with Okazarutchi in February 2019.

Both apps use the same firmware, allowing any Tamagotchi to connect through it, even if the languages are different. Food, items and backgrounds transferred from either app retain their native language name (for example, a food from the Meets app will have its Japanese name displayed on the On). As the lobby allows for marriage between Japanese and English versions, it's possible to inherit genes not normally available internationally, such as those from the Meets Station, from previous marriage events, or from the Pastel, Sanrio, or Fantasy versions.

Tamagotchi Meets Station

The Tamagotchi Meets Station is an updated version of the Tamagotchi m!x stations. Similar to the Dekatamas used throughout 2004 to 2007, the items, games, and characters available from each Meets Station vary across different regions of Japan, in addition to the rosters changing with each season akin to the m!x Stations.


  • The Tamagotchi On was announced on May 13, 2019. However, had opened for preorders a week prior, with the order page including photos and information about the functionality.
  • The first English Tamagotchi On units were distributed in May 2019 during the Clamour Summit 2019 event.
  • In Korea, the Tamagotchi Some was on display at the Character Licensing Expo 2019 at Starfield COEX Mall in South Korea from July 17th to the 21st, and was made available for preorder on September 1st.
  • The Korean name comes from the Korean phrase "something" (썸씽), a casual way about asking if something romantic is happening between two people. It often shorted to just "some" (썸), a euphemism for ambiguous romantic relationships.




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