Tamagotchi Original Animations (たまごっちオリジナルアニメ Tamagotchi Orijinaru Anime) is a OVA series of Tamagotchi shows. They star the lives of Mametchi, Chamametchi, Hapihapitchi, Kuchipatchi, and Memetchi. It appears to take place after the second movie.

They were first released on DVD with a toy, with every kids Happy Meal at McDonald's in Japan for a limited time. Soon after then released on YouTube along with Let's Go! Tamagotchi. They are available only in Japanese with English subtitles. The DVD was also released in the Philippines, with the same Happy Meal toys and translated to Tagalog.


Screenplay: Matsui Aya

Storyboard director: Asada Yuuzi

Animation director: Takahashi Hidekiti

List of Episodes

Episode Number

Japanese Title

English Title
1 マクドナルドでお手伝い!
Makudonarudo de Otetsudai!
Helping in McDonalds!
2 まめっちたちの絵日記
Mametchi Tachi no Enikki
Mametchi and Friends' Picture Diary
3 ハピハピっちは人気者!?
Hapihapitchi wa Ninkimono!?
Hapihapitchi is Popular!?


  • In 2010, the first episode, Makudonarudo de Otetsudai! was put on private on YouTube as McDonald's stopped sponsoring Tamagotchi. However, after time McDonald's started sponsoring Tamagotchi again, but the episode was never put back on public.

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