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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.

The Tamagotchi P's (たまごっちぴーす Tamagotchi Pīsu) is a Tamagotchi virtual pet device released in Japan on November 23, 2012. It is set in the new location, Dream Town; unlike previous color Tamagotchis which are set in Tamagotchi Town. Dream Town is also featured in the Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream anime series.

The P's is the very first Tamagotchi version to have a slot for an attachable pin, hence the name "Piece." It also features a new cast of characters including those who are met in different areas that are accessible on the P's.

A user by the name of Mr.Blinky has created a patch for the P's which enables users to change it to English.


  • Writing letters and sending mail to others.
  • Connecting to the Yume Kira Bag and the Tamagotchi iD L. (does not connect to a Tamagotchi iD, Station+ or Tamagotchi+Color).
  • Connecting to 4 Tamagotchis at the same time to do many different activities including:
    • Cooking together
    • Playing games together
    • Many other connection features that can be added with a Deco Pierce
  • Can now gain different personalities, including: smart, fashionable, charismatic, gourmet, and athletic.
  • Can go to school at the same time as the owner.
  • Can get part-time jobs.
  • Can visit each other.
    • They can be seen together whenever they are bathing or eating with each other.
  • A friend with whom the Tamagotchi has previously connected to can unexpectedly make a visit to another Tamagotchi.
  • Will now keep a diary of the things the Tamagotchi has done with friends (includes images.) and within the game.
  • Connects with Tamagotchi Data card game machines.
  • Adoptable Tama Pets
  • Many raisable characters with 24 new featured characters.

Special characters such as Lovelitchi, Melodytchi and Kuromametchi listed separately are unlockable on this Tamagotchi by linking a Tama Deco Pierce such as the Love & Melody Deco Pierce.


Main article: Tamagotchi_P's/Character_list

Tamagotchi Ps chara.png

The Tamagotchi P's sports 32 new built-in characters, with additional tamagotchi characters, crossover characters, and costume changes for built-in adult characters available through Tama Deco Pierces. Evolutions now can differ depending on nurturing specified personality traits: intelligence, style, gourmet, strength, and charisma.

Tama Deco Pierce

Main article: Tama Deco Pierce

A Tama Deco Pierce (たまデコピアス Tama Deko Piasu), short for Tamagotchi Decoration Piercing, is a small changeable pin similar to a Gotchi Figure on a TamaTown Tama-Go. Each pierce unlocks new characters (or transformation), games, locations, food, clothing, and items. The Tama Deco Pierce also comes with two sheets of secret notes that goes into the Tamagotchi Ps secret pocket book (sold separately).


Tamagotchi p's design.jpg

There have been special Tamagotchi P's sets which came with a Tama Deco Pierce that could otherwise be bought separately. The P's in these sets (excluding the Love and Melody set) come in exclusive two-color models and have slightly different box art featuring the characters from the Tama Deco Pierce. Currently, all the P's sets only come with character Tama Deco Pierces (not transformation ones).

  • Love and Melody Set - Pink P's with LoveMelo Pierce
  • Melody Land Set - Pink and purple P's with Melody Land Pierce
  • Feat. Aikatsu! Set - Pink and white P's with Aikatsu Pierce
  • Dream Coffret Set - Pink and yellow P's with Coffret Pierce





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