Tamagotchi Pix/Shell list

Name Photo Description Notes
Floral Pink
Pix FloralPink.jpg
Light pink shell with pink cap. Gradient yellow to pink front with printed dark pink, white, and yellow floral pattern. Global wave 1.
Sky Purple
Pix SkyPurple.jpg
Violet shell with purple cap. Gradient blue to violet front with printed clouds and purple stars. Global wave 1.
Ocean Blue
Pix OceanBlue.jpg
Light blue shell with blue cap. Gradient green to blue front with printed white, pink, and blue bubble pattern. USA wave 2

(December 9, 2021)

Nature Green
Pix NatureGreen.jpg
Light green shell with green cap. Gradient yellow to green front with white vines, dots, and white and green leaves. USA wave 2 (December 9, 2021)
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