Tamagotchi School's Transfer Student / Where is Lovelitchi's House? (『キュン! たまごっちスクールの転校生』/『どこどこ?ラブリっちのおうち』 Kyun! Tamagotchi sukūru no tenkōsei / Dokodoko? Raburicchi no ouchi) is of episode 2 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on October 19, 2009. The creator of the episode is Matsui Aya.


A new student moves into Tamagotchi School with a secret to hide.





Morning arrives at Tamagotchi School. Grippatchi (Ms. Perfect) greets her class and she is excited to start her day. She announces that a new classmate will be joining their school, and everyone is wondering who it could be. Mametchi is in wonder of what "he" will be like, as Memetchi hopes that the new classmate is a nice boy. Gozarutchi hopes that the new classmate is a pretty girl. Grippatchi asks the student to come in, and it's Spacytchi, from Get Ready! The Big Race on Tama Street. Ms. Perfect introduces Spacytchi and claims that the class will get along well with him. Meanwhile, at Mr. Turtlepedia's class, Akaspetchi and Pipospetchi are introduced to Chamametchi's class.

In Ms. Perfect's class, Spacytchi is secretly aware that no one knows that his ultimate goal was to take over Tamagotchi Planet. Ms. Perfect asks him to introduce himself to the class. But just before he could announce who he is, someone else comes running into to the door and crashes into Spacytchi, and sends him flying out the window. Ms. Perfect feels bad for the new student, as he didn't get the time to introduce himself.

The other new student apologizes for being late, and she chooses to introduce herself as Lovelitchi (who we really know is Lovelin). She hopes that she can be friends with everyone in the new class she's in, as well as get to know the town she's moved into. Memetchi compliments her pretty name, as Gozarutchi points out that he was right when he said a girl would move into the class. Lovelitchi recognizes a few people whom she knows from last episode, like Mametchi, Kuromametchi, and Kuchipatchi. Kuchipatchi compliments her, calling her cute. Uwasatchi is not too excited to meet Lovelitchi, as she wonders if she's seen her before.

Lovelitchi moves to an empty seat next to Yattatchi. Memetchi is the first person who greets Lovelitchi, and compliments the charm on her back that she's wearing. Lovelitchi gives it to Memetchi and says the charm was given to her as a gift. Then she notices a figure moving near the door (who we know as Manenetchi). Uwasatchi takes notice of the "figure" moving near the door. Lovelitchi is hesitant to leave the class, but she asks Ms. Perfect permission before she can leave, saying that she has to do something important and that she'll have to leave school early because of it. Uwasatchi tries to follow after her, and checks the hallway to see if the "figure" is still there. No one is, and Uwasatchi claims that something fishy is going on with Lovelitchi. Memetchi also notices that Lovelitchi forgot the charm she gave to her.

Outside the classroom. Spacytchi is still in a daze after being sent out the window earlier. Akaspetchi and Pipospetchi go up to him and check to see if he's still okay, as they were playing soccer. Pipospetchi taps on him, and Spacytchi wakes up, startling both himself and Pipospetchi. To Akaspetchi's relief, Spacytchi is okay. However, he knows of a powerful martial artist on Tamagotchi Planet, so he reminds him and Pipospetchi to keep watch for them. Chamametchi and Kikitchi call for Akaspetchi and Pipospetchi, and ask them if they want to play with the other classmates. They're quick to run over to them with the soccer ball, and Spacytchi points out that his brothers have already acquainted with their classmates.

The Lovelin Tour Bus leaves the school and heads off to TAMAX-TV in a hurry. Manenetchi reads over Lovelin's almost endless schedule, as Lovelin's outfitter suggests her what to wear. Lovelin tells Manenetchi not to worry about all of the work she has to do, as she'll do her best, and she thanks her for keeping the promise of not letting anyone at Tamagotchi School know that she is Superstar Lovelin. Manenetchi didn't want anyone to start a craze over the fact that Superstar Lovelin was on the school's campus. As ADtchi calls out to Lovelin, Manenetchi asks why she chose to move to Tamagotchi Town. A number of flashbacks from last episode are displayed, all of which came from the big Tamagotchi Town race. Lovelin states that the town would be a fun place to live in.

School ends, and Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi and Kikitchi all walk home. Memetchi comes up with the idea to give Lovelitchi her charm back tomorrow. Chamametchi asks what the charm is, and she says it belongs to Lovelitchi, the new girl in her class (as Kuchipatchi points out to Kikitchi). Mametchi is also surprised that she doesn't know that the class also has homework, and that she wouldn't want to be left alone without knowing.

Meanwhile, the Spacy Brothers are walking home after an uneventful day at school. Spacytchi declares that the brothers will have to hang in tough if they want any chance to let anyone know who they are, as well as use "student discounts" just for attending the school. Then, Spacytchi stops walking and notices a place called Waru Cafe, which looks "evil" and "cool" according to Akaspetchi.

Mametchi and the others try to think of a way to try and find Lovelitchi, despite the fact that they don't know where she even lives. Mametchi suddenly comes up with a great idea.


  • This episode makes for the first major appearance for Lovelitchi, a side personality of Tamagotchi Planet's famous idol, Lovelin.
  • It also makes the first time we see the main characters attend Tamagotchi School.
  • The Waru Cafe is a place where trouble-making Tamagotchis come and hang out. This location also makes its first appearance in the episode.
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