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The Tamagotchi School (たまごっちスクール せーとぜーいんしゅーごっち!), also known as the TamaSuku (たまスク), is a spin-off Tamagotchi released only in Japan on November 23, 2006. This device was released on the tenth anniversary of Tamagotchi.


Unlike most other Tamagotchi toys, players don't raise a Tamagotchi on the TamaSuku; instead they take the role of a teacher. The TamaSuku is the second Tamagotchi to have only "select" and "cancel" buttons, the first being the Yasashii Tamagotch, although the TamaSuku has a D-Pad for selecting icons. 

The infrared sensor at the top is used to connect to other TamaSukus to play games, Entamas and Uratamas to exchange Gotchi Points, and to a Jukutama, a Deka Tamagotchi made for connecting to the TamaSuku. Although the TamaSuku can connect to the Entama and Uratama, it can't connect to a Tamagotchi Connection/Connexion. When the TamaSuku connects to the Entama or Uratama, new characters become unlocked. 

The goal is to keep your school's popularity up, enroll new students and increase the score of the three main subjects which are Japanese, Science and Math, which are raised by playing their respective games. There are other subjects too, such as Gymnastics and Art/Drama, although these subjects don't have a score like the main subjects.

Everyday, a few students will visit your school and ask to join your school. There are levels on your TamaSuku, and the levels increase as you get more students. When TamaSuku's teaching level increases, the chalkboard in the background of the screen gets bigger. You can also see a list of your students. You can choose which student you want to teach and play games with. If you do not play for a while and your popularity begins to fall to 0, and you may lose some students.


There are ten icons: Check Meter, Student Attendance, Language Studies, Maths, Science, Connection, Recreation, Tamagotchi School Book, Shop, and Raised Hand.

Check Meter

The check meter displays your popularity with the four-hearts system, which is used to display happiness and hunger on other Tamagotchi devices. The Check Meter also shows the Class Size with a number, Class Points with the Skill Points display system used on the Entama/Uratama, Gotchi Points with the size display in Entama/Uratama, and Class Mark with a picture and the player's name.

You can change your Class Mark (subject you teach) by pressing B at the class mark screen, choosing Yes (top option) then the icon displaying the subject you wish to teach.

Student Attendance

The student attendance icon displays a list of your students. Your selected student's name will be highlighted. You can select a student by choosing one that is not already selected by pressing B and choosing Yes (top option)

Language Studies (Japanese)

The player can play a Crossword Puzzle or the Book Game. These games will increase your Japanese class points.


The player can play the number catch or the coin catch games. These games will increase your mathematics class points.


The player can play the chemistry or fly catch games. These games will increase your science class points.


Players can connect their Tamagotchi School to another Tamagotchi School, an Entama, a Uratama, a Jukutama, http://school.e-tamago.com, Tamagotchi Station, and Tamagotchi Station 2.


the player can view and use items.

Tamagotchi School Book

The player can view everybody they have connected with and relationships with the other classes.


The player can shop for more items.

Raised Hand

This is the attention mark of Tamagotchi School.

TamaSuku 2

The Tamagotchi School 2 (たまごっちスクールせーとぜーいんしゅーごっち!2じかんめ), also known as the TamaSuku 2 (たまスク2 TamaSuku 2), is the successor of the TamaSuku and was released sometime in 2007. There are three new characters featured on the TamaSuku 2, named Cheertchi, Classictchi, and Kureyontchi/Crayontchi. The Language Studies, Math, and Science are replaced with Music, Physical Education, and Art respectively.

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