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This article is about an upcoming Tamagotchi release, and therefore information is subject to change prior to release.

The Tamagotchi Smart (たまごっちスマート Tamagotchi Sumāto) is an upcoming virtual pet set to be released in November 2021, celebrating the Tamagotchi franchise's 25th anniversary. Unlike previous Tamagotchi releases, it is in the style of a wearable smartwatch, akin to the Apple Watch and various other devices.


The Tamagotchi Smart is similar in size and shape to previous color-screen models. The front is covered in clear plastic with the new Tamagotchi logo printed above the screen. Unlike any other Tamagotchi release before, the B button on the front of the device is the only functional button; the A and C buttons are purely aesthetic and are smaller than the B button. Pressing the button activates the device from sleep mode, and pressing it again brings up the main menu. The main screen area can detect touch and swipe gestures, functionally replacing the traditional buttons.

The left and right sides of the device have plastic flaps that cover compartments. On the left side is the port to charge the device, and on the right side is a slot insert and download data from a Tama SmaCard. The device has sensors that allow it to detect sound, allowing the user to "talk" to the Tamagotchi, and also has a built-in step counter.

Each unit is bundled with a matching watch strap that attaches to the Tamagotchi through indents on the top and bottom sides, as well as a cable to charge the battery. On a full charge, the device can operate for about 30 days on average, assuming the user actively uses the screen for about an hour each day and with all of the sensors functional.


Touch & Voice

The "Touch & Voice" functions allow users to interact with their Tamagotchi character in new ways. The LCD screen also serves as a touch screen, allowing users to pet their character. The microphone enables users to speak to their character and get an on-screen response--the device does not understand what is being said, but what the character says depends on the time, season, and their bond with their owner.


When two Tamagotchi Smart units are within range of each other, the two can connect, visiting each other, playing games, and talking to each other. When two adult units connect frequently, they can marry and produce babies, starting the next generation. As the Tamagotchi Smart lacks an infrared port, like the Tamagotchi Pix, it can't connect with any previous version.

Tama SmaCards

TamaSma Cards (たまスマカード) are a series of memory cards that are compatible with the Tamagotchi Smart. When inserted, the card will download content onto the device, including characters, meals, snacks, toys, accessories, wallpapers, clock faces, and games. Only one card's data can be loaded onto the Tamagotchi Smart at a time, and each card can only be linked with up to 3 Tamagotchi Smart devices. Additionally, if the user currently has an adult exclusive to a certain SmaCard, they will not be able to load data of a new SmaCard until a new generation.


Promotional Images




  • The third teaser image is concept art of the original Tamagotchi virtual pet when it was initially designed to be worn as a wristwatch, hence the Tamagotchi's name origin.
  • Bandai collaborated with the Japanese J-pop and K-pop idol group, NiziU, to promote the Tamagotchi Smart. They appeared in the reveal video and promotional art.
  • Before the reveal, clicking the egg on the Tamagotchi web site would give hints about the featured characters; for example, "POP x rabbit" to represent Poptchi, and "Connect x circle" to represent Wawatchi.
  • The Tamagotchi Smart borrows several features previously introduced on the </nowiki> Digimon Vital Bracelet, including the wristwatch aspect, step counter, and downloadable card data.
  • This is the first mainline Tamagotchi release since the 2004 reboot not to feature Memetchi in the base content.
  • This is the first mainline Tamagotchi to have a touch screen and rechargeable battery. It is also the first mainline Tamagotchi to only have one physical button.

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