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Mamesaku house

Mamesaku's house

Tamgotchi Village is a secret village in Patchi Forest that only appeared in episode 132 of Tamagotchi! (anime). It is considered as an alternate reality and one of the Tamagotchi Multiverse, because most residents are identical to their main counterparts. The traits of these residents are polar opposite of their counterparts. For example, while Mametchi is very intelligent and creates lots of machine, Mamesaku is a nerd and does not create anything. So far, the (presumably) only exception of this is Love-chan, who acts and has similar talents to her original counterpart. It is ruled by Tonotchi.

The time zone here is also altered and any photos taken in this place will automatically deleted once the visitors left.



  • According to episode 132, the time zone between the village and other areas of the Tamagotchi Planet is several hours apart, as Lovelitchi and her friends departed the village at dawn, but Mametchi and his friends had just finished their breakfast.
  • Even though Kuchipatchi is the resident of the Patchi Forest, he does not have such knowledge about the village.
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