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This is the Tamagotchi Wikia's policy on contributing. Please read all of it on what is allowed and what is not.



  • All users have the right to edit pages.
  • All users have the right to add pages.
  • It is necessary to ask permission of an admin on editing or adding something that you might feel concerned of. (i.e: Grammar check)

Edit Summary

  • Users are encouraged to write a summary in their edits, detailing information on their contributions.
  • If possible, make every effort you can by detailing on what you have changed in your edit.


  • All pages must be Tamagotchi-related. This includes the franchise, media, and anybody who were involved in the making.
  • In case of a crossover, please only add little detail from their home media but not in extended information.


Main article: Tamagotchi Wikia:Manual of Style
  • Please write everything in proper grammar so they are understandable.
  • All articles must be written in third-person. Use only words such as "they," "them," and names of people for describing figures.
  • In case of a now-defunct Tamagotchi media, it must be in all past tense.

Episode Summary

Main article: Tamagotchi Wikia:Episode Summarization Rule



  • All images must be related to Tamagotchi.
  • Any unrelated images added to articles will be removed/deleted.
  • Unrelated images may be added to your user pages for decoration.

Copyrighted Images

  • Please do not use any images copyrighted by other users. Ask permission before doing so and inform it on the image's "About" tab saying so. Refer to this category page for a list of copyright tags.
  • Copyrighted images will be removed if there is no evidence of permission of use.
  • If you notice anything by made another user, please notify an admin.

Fan Art

  • Fan art is not to be used on articles.
  • Use only fan art on your user pages or community areas such as forums or blog posts.
  • Do not use other user's fan art from other sites without their permission.

User Pages Rights

Front User Page

  • A user can only edit their own (Special:MyPage) user page.
  • Please refrain from writing insensitive content including a hate-dedicated section.

Talk Page

  • All users can use talk pages to leave messages to another user.
  • Users (including the talk page's owner) may not modify other people's messages.
  • Users may only modify their own messages. They also have the right to delete it.
  • The talk page owner may arrange sections of their talk page to organize it, but will not modify messages.
    • Archiving is allowed. Please make sure you put a '/' on your User talk page directory. (ex: [[User_talk:<USERNAME>/Archive 1]])
  • Please leave a signature at the end of your messages with quadruple tilde marks ( ~~~~ ).
    • All unsigned messages will be left with an {{unsigned|''<unsigned message writter>''}} template by admins.

Deletion Flagging

How to flag a page for deletion

  • To flag a page for deletion, use the {{delete|<specify reason>}} template.
  • Be sure to specify a reason. It helps a lot by leaving information about the deletion.

Acceptable Deletion Criteria

  • Please be sure to flag for deletion when the meets the following criteria:
    • Spam - A random page with no relevance to the franchise at hand.
    • Low Content - A page with little information will be removed. This may be debated.
    • Duplicate - When there is a similar page. This includes case sensitive pages.
    • Useless Templates - Please report any templates that have no helpful uses.

Debating Deletions

  • If a flagged page does not meet the following criteria, please debate the reason fully in the deletion talk page.
  • If there is no thoroughly explained reason on the deletion talk page on why the page should be deleted, it will be canceled.
  • If the flagging was considered a spam, the deletion will be canceled.

Counter-Productive Editing


  • Please refrain from writing or adding random content.

Edit Wars

  • Do not claim dominance by reverting back to your edit if it gets undone by another contributor.
  • You may make a dispute to the editor about their claim if you feel concerned. Please be honest and nice in your claim.


  • Vandalism is the act of defacement and will not be tolerated.
  • Vandalism includes removing content and replacing content with inappropriate edits.

Banning Policy

  • Failure to cease and desist will result in a ban.
  • Repeated offenses will result in longer bans.
  • Continuing to defy the rules after numerous amount of bans will result in a permanent ban.
  • Talk page will still be active, even from a permanent ban. Abusing the system with unsoliciable content or failure to follow the user talk page policy will result in their own talk page privilege being blocked along with their ban time.