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Tamagotchi no Appare! Niji-Venture (たまごっちのアッパレ!にじべんちゃー Tamagotchi no Appare! Nijibenchā) is a Tamagotchi game for Nintendo DS. It was released only in Japan in 2007. It is a role-playing game, unlike the Corner Shop games.


Gotchi King, ruler of Tamagotchi Planet, has become so angry over the lack of rainbow in the sky that he cracked his shell. Princess Tamako tasks Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi to find the legendary "Rainbow Shards" to restore the rainbow in the sky before Gotchi King becomes too upset. The trio then travel around Tamagotchi Planet on their quest to find the shards while helping the Tamagotchis they meet along the way.


Players can choose between Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi but will play as all three characters (the chosen character leading the group and the starting area being the character's hometown). This game consists of traveling to seven different locations on Tamagotchi Planet: Tamagotchi Town, Mame City, Guruguru Town, Patchi Forest, Flower Hills, Gozaru Village, and Berry Town. Players can also enter various houses and buildings, interact with other Tamagotchi characters, and play mini-games using the touch screen and microphone. To advance in the story, the player must explore the locations and talk to Tamagotchis to find out where the rainbow shard is hidden. Some Tamagotchis will ask for their help which will require clearing a minigame to proceed.


Note: The following characters are listed in this order in the game's "Friend Book"

  1. Mametchi
  2. Memetchi
  3. Kuchipatchi
  4. Oyajitchi
  5. Violetchi
  6. Ringotchi
  7. Ichigotchi
  8. Hinotamatchi
  9. Paparatchi
  10. Oniontchi
  11. Young Mametchi
  12. Nikatchi
  13. Tarakotchi
  14. Androtchi
  15. Mimitchi
  16. Debatchi
  17. Young Oyajitchi
  18. Ojitchi
  19. Nazotchi
  20. Hitodetchi
  21. Kuribotchi
  22. Gozarutchi
  23. Hinatchi
  24. Hanatchi
  25. Masktchi
  26. Dorotchi
  27. Wooltchi
  28. Papamametchi
  29. Mamametchi
  30. Bagubagutchi
  31. Onsenmoguratchi
  32. PapaPatchi
  33. Mamapatchi
  34. Monkeytchi
  35. Usatchi
  36. Dokukinotchi
  37. Beartchi
  38. Kabumamatchi
  39. Kyodai Onsenmoguratchi
  40. Chibipatchi
  41. Memepapatchi
  42. Mememamatchi
  43. Imotchi
  44. Chitchi
  45. Young Mimitchi
  46. Young Androtchi
  47. Marotchi
  48. Maidtchi
  49. Zukyutchi
  50. Tensaitchi
  51. Mimipetchi
  52. Mamebotchi
  53. Young Dorotchi
  54. Young Kuchipatchi
  55. Yattatchi
  56. Sebiretchi
  57. Pukatchi
  58. Minotchi
  59. Nonbiritchi
  60. Kuchipetchi
  61. Kuchibotchi
  62. Young Memetchi
  63. Gourmetchi
  64. Ponytchi
  65. ShimaShimatchi
  66. Busstoptchi
  67. Mame Bus
  68. Togetchi
  69. Tosakatchi
  70. Makiko
  71. Memepetchi
  72. Memebotchi
  73. Pururutchi
  74. Dododotchi
  75. Mr. Kokuban
  76. Shuritchi
  77. Princess Tamako
  78. Morikamitchi
  79. Funsuitchi

These are characters that are not listed in the "Friend Book", but appear in the game regardless.




  • The Tamagotchis in this game have a different talking sound compared to the one in the Corner Shop series. The sound is more uniform in pitch across characters and there is less variation in vocalization.
    • Characters also now have idle animations instead of only moving when having a different emotion.
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