Tamagotchi no Puchi Puchi Omisecchi Ninki no Omise Atsumemashita たまごっちのプチプチおみせっち~ にんきのおみせあつめました~ (Tamagotchi Little Little Shoptchi: Favorite Shops Gathering) is a Tamagotchi video game for the Nintendo 3DS. It was developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was released exclusively in Japan on November 16, 2017, ten days before the 21st anniversary of the Tamagotchi series.[1]


As the eighth installment in the Corner Shop series, this game allows players to work with Tamagotchi partners to manage various shops and serve customers, with the goal being to upgrade all of the shops to royal status. Most of the shops are taken from previous Corner Shop games, with some updated details such as the graphics. The soundtrack for the game uses a mix of music from the past Corner Shop games too. The shops can be upgraded once they have reached enough customer satisfaction, but it won't happen automatically. Gotchi Points need to be paid in order to open and upgrade shops, and the fee increases for each upgrade. The mini-games become slightly more difficult or advanced with each upgrade, and a wider variety of customers will visit as well.

Aside from opening and upgrading shops, one of the main goals is to collect all of the available customers by serving them. There are 240 Tamagotchis in the game, including ones that need to be unlocked by entering passwords. Some customers only visit during the day or at night. If a player has collected a customer, they will be able to view their name, gender, biography, the time of day they appear, and five different expressions. (Normal, happy, angry, sad, and excited. However, for many characters, happy and excited share the same expression).

The game keeps track of real-world time, which affects the game such as which customers appear.

The player can decorate their house by buying various furniture, wallpaper, and floors they have unlocked. The house is where the options, customer list, and other features can be accessed. Various characters and partners also visit, and sometimes the Gotchi King will visit to give the player extra Gotchi Points.

There is also Tamagotchi m!x interactivity that works with all versions of the m!x. By selecting the PC option under the connection icon on the toy, the player can get a code to enter into the 3DS game. The player can then choose a shop to play, and the partner will say the name of the character the player had. After completing a shop mini-game, the 3DS game will provide a code that can be entered into the toy. The Tamagotchi m!x will receive Gotchi Points. It can also receive a special gift after doing this 10 times.


Takoyaki Shop

Beauty Salon

Yum Cha Shop

Gardening Shop

Space Tour Shop

Ice Cream Parlor

Fireworks Shop

Burger Shop

Accessory Shop

Fireworks Hamburgardening Shop


  1. Mametchi
  2. Memetchi
  3. Kuchipatchi
  4. Violetchi
  5. Lovelitchi
  6. Melodytchi
  7. Kikitchi
  8. Gozarutchi
  9. Himespetchi
  10. Momotchi
  11. Watawatatchi
  12. Shigurehimetchi
  13. Pichipitchi
  14. Decoratchi
  15. Wagassiertchi
  16. Shimagurutchi
  17. Guriritchi (Password unlocked)
  18. Morijikatchi (Password unlocked)
  19. Yotsubatchi
  20. Butterflytchi
  21. Himebaratchi
  22. Nijifuwatchi
  23. Pikagorotchi
  24. Shinobinyatchi
  25. Bushinosuketchi
  26. Jellytchi
  27. Kotohimetchi
  28. Speplanetchi
  29. Orchestrotchi
  30. Chamametchi
  31. Kuribotchi (Day only)
  32. Hinotamatchi
  33. Shimashimatchi
  34. Nazotchi
  35. Ichigotchi (Password unlocked)
  36. Ringotchi
  37. Maidtchi
  38. Mimitchi
  39. Marotchi
  40. Principal Mimizu
  41. Mr. Turtlepedia
  42. Professor Flask
  43. Grippatchi
  44. Togetchi
  45. Debatchi
  46. Young Mametchi
  47. Kuromametchi
  48. Makiko
  49. Young Dorotchi (Password unlocked)
  50. Ojitchi
  51. Otokitchi
  52. Prince Tamahiko
  53. Eiyuutchi
  54. Megamitchi
  55. Tamastatchi
  56. Antoinetchi (Password unlocked)
  57. Pharaotchi (Password unlocked)
  58. Chandelitchi
  59. Anesantchi
  60. Rosetchi
  61. Magictchi
  62. Glasstchi
  63. Kinbatchi
  64. Chantotchi
  65. Uranaitchi
  66. HotTeatchi
  67. Scooptchi (Male)
  68. Paparatchi (Male)
  69. À La Modetchi (Female)
  70. Modeltchi (Female)
  71. Teitokutchi
  72. Elizabethtchi
  73. Gulasantchi
  74. Tennyotchi
  75. Jyooubatchi
  76. Crystaltchi
  77. Ahirukutchi (Day only)
  78. Sakuramotchi (Day only)
  79. Potetchi
  80. Kunoitchi
  81. Depagatchi
  82. Reportchi (Password unlocked)
  83. Guidetchi
  84. Mumutchi
  85. Sukatchi
  86. Nemutchi
  87. Watatchi
  88. Metaboritchi (Female)
  89. Hapihapitchi
  90. Brother Otogitchi
  91. Sister Otogitchi (Day only)
  92. Peketchi
  93. Atsuatsutchi
  94. Sabusabutchi
  95. Himetchi
  96. Mufufutchi
  97. Madame Kiki
  98. Mademoiselle Koko
  99. Monsieur Kikipapa
  100. Mememamatchi
  101. Memepapatchi
  102. Imotchi
  103. Mamametchi
  104. Papamametchi
  105. Mamapatchi
  106. Papapatchi
  107. Mamavioletchi
  108. Papakizatchi
  109. Kizatchi
  110. Gotchi King
  111. Gotchi Queen
  112. Princess Tamako
  113. Princess Tamakoko (Day only)
  114. Kashiratchi
  115. Okugatatchi
  116. PapaKurotchi
  117. Majorite
  118. Spacytchi (Night only)
  119. Uwasatchi
  120. Nonopotchi (Password unlocked)
  121. Moriritchi
  122. Telelin
  123. Giragiratchi
  124. Maisutatchi
  125. Nachuratchi
  126. Pompomtchi
  127. Sunopotchi
  128. Kuishinbotchi
  129. Perotchi
  130. Shoototchi
  131. Bokutchi
  132. Herotchi
  133. Madonnatchi
  134. Agetchi
  135. Shinshitchi
  136. Paintotchi
  137. Guriguritchi
  138. Necktietchi
  139. Anemoriritchi
  140. Yumemitchi
  141. Kiraritchi
  142. Pianitchi
  143. Righttchi
  144. Patitchi
  145. Kiramotchi
  146. Hoshigirltchi
  147. Charatchi
  148. Knighttchi
  149. Nandetchi
  150. Tropicatchi
  151. Miraitchi
  152. Clulutchi
  153. Madamtchi
  154. Candy Pakupaku
  155. Gotchimotchi
  156. Neenetchi
  157. Orenetchi
  158. Tensaitchi
  159. Tensaitchi Jr.
  160. Mild Onetchi
  161. Bikertchi
  162. Gomasuritchi
  163. Babytchi (Day only)
  164. Shirobabytchi (Day only)
  165. Mameotchi (Day only)
  166. Mamekotchi (Day only)
  167. Memeotchi (Day only)
  168. Memeputchi (Day only)
  169. Kuchiotchi (Day only)
  170. Kuchikotchi (Day only)
  171. Mamebotchi (Day only)
  172. Mimipetchi (Day only)
  173. Memebotchi (Day only)
  174. Kuchibotchi (Day only)
  175. Kuchipetchi (Day only)
  176. Young Androtchi (Day only)
  177. Young Memetchi (Day only)
  178. Young Mimitchi (Day only)
  179. Gourmetchi
  180. Young Kuchipatchi (Day only)
  181. Yattatchi
  182. Nonbiritchi
  183. Zukyutchi
  184. Tosakatchi
  185. Ponytchi
  186. Minotchi
  187. Pukatchi
  188. Sebiretchi
  189. Horoyotchi (Night only)
  190. Ura Young Marotchi (Night only)
  191. Ura Mametchi (Night only)
  192. Matsuritchi (Night only)
  193. Ura Memetchi (Night only)
  194. Ura Togetchi (Night only)
  195. Tougyutchi (Night only)
  196. Big Boss Gotchi (Night only)
  197. Young Oyajitchi (Day only)
  198. Nikatchi
  199. Hinatchi
  200. Tarakotchi
  201. Hanatchi
  202. Androtchi
  203. Masktchi
  204. Dorotchi
  205. Kurokotchi
  206. Mr. Dentaku
  207. Mr. Canvas
  208. Mr. Kokuban
  209. Ms. Flower
  210. Ms. Houtaiko
  211. Mamehakasetchi
  212. Spicy Onetchi
  213. Dokukinotchi
  214. Bukutchi
  215. Beartchi (Password unlocked)
  216. Kabumamatchi
  217. Marutchi (Day only)
  218. Kinakomotchi (Day only)
  219. Hitodetchi (Day only)
  220. Oyajitchi (Night only)
  221. Ribotchi (Day only)
  222. Heartchi (Day only)
  223. Tomatchi (Day only)
  224. Tengutchi (Day only)
  225. Cheritchi (Day only)
  226. Darumatchi (Day only)
  227. Shiroheartchi (Day only)
  228. Ura Zukyutchi (Night only)
  229. Harptchi
  230. Acchitchi
  231. Majokkotchi
  232. Mogumogutchi
  233. Amakutchi
  234. Karakutchi
  235. Crepetchi
  236. Doyatchi
  237. Pekopekotchi
  238. Monakatchi
  239. Yukinkotchi
  240. Lovesoratchi (Day only)


  • It is the last Tamagotchi game to be released on the Nintendo 3DS and the last to be released on a console in general.
  • It is the only Tamagotchi console game that was released after the anime finished airing.
  • The only genderless characters are Marutchi, Kinakomotchi, Hitodetchi, and Tomatchi. This is despite Marutchi being a female baby on the 15th Anniversary Tamagotchi iD L, and Hitodetchi being a female on some overseas releases such as the Tamagotchi Music Star. Tomatchi was the only Makkakka Town character who was not given a gender in this game.
  • All of the featured Ura Tama Town characters only visit at night, and all of the featured Makkakka Town characters only visit during the day.
  • Many of the young characters only visit during the day, making it more believable by implying the children characters aren't allowed to wander during the night.
  • Coffretchi is the only main anime character who does not appear in the game. Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, Moriritchi, Himespetchi, Yumemitchi, Kiraritchi, Pianitchi, Miraitchi, Clulutchi, Candy Pakupaku, Orenetchi, and Neenetchi all do, but she does not.
  • The only Corner Shop game that this game does not include a shop for is Tamagotchi no Pichi Pichi Omisetchi.


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