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The Tamagottsun (たまごっつん) is a once-in-a-lifetime event on Tamagotchi Planet. The event appeared in GO-GO Tamagotchi!.


An illustration of the event on a computer

Tamagottsun is a legendary phenomenon where over a 1,000 year cycle, Tamagotchi Planet and The Earth will be perfectly aligned to each other. The event was discovered by Mamehakasetchi during his observation of the alignment between Tamagotchi Planet and The Earth. As a result of this synchronized alignment, the continents on Tamagotchi Planet will wake up and celebrate with each other in the honor of the unison between Tamagotchi Planet and their near-galaxy planetary neighbors The Earth.

If two continents meet and collide, it will result in a drastic land formation where two regions will combine, creating a massive shift in the region's layout. Places will fuse, new lands will form, and two regional communities will be made as one. A new land will be created where two communities from each region will explore a new land of opportunity.

Two continents about to merge

One notable example are the continents containing Tamagotchi Town and Dream Town, where two lands have fused together and the two communities have come together as one collaborative region. Many buildings have fused and there were new lands sighted. Some remained the same, but under the collaborative unison between Tamagotchi Town and Dream Town.

The collaboration between Tamagotchi Town and Dream Town opened up a new world of possibilities. People joining together as one, where they can all co-exist happily together, reunite or make new friends, and share an everlasting once-in-a-lifetime event...

Unfortunately, there are mysteries surrounding the Tamagottsun where collaboration is not all it seems... Something is wrong. Mysterious "changes" occur in total random. Yet, no one knows how powerful Tamagottsun is. What is Tamagottsun? Is it an event where two regions join together and co-exist as a one peaceful land? Or is it more than meets the eyes?

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