Tamagottsun big meeting
Tamagottsun ♥ Big Meeting!? (たまごっつん♥で大集合!? Tamagottsun ☆ de dai shūgō!?) is part one of the debut episode of the fourth Tamagotchi! anime series, GO-GO Tamagotchi!. Along with part two, it is episode 222 overall. It first aired on April 3, 2014.

Plot summary

The mysterious phenomenon "Tamagottsun", which is said to happen on Tamagotchi Planet once every 1,000 years, occurs. Tamagotchi Town and Dream Town are now combined to create Doritamatown along with the introduction of new and old tamagotchi characters. - the expansion of excitement!





  • After this episode, onwards, Tamagotchi Town and Dream Town are now known as DoriTama Town.
  • All characters from the original series now make regular appears through the whole series.


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