(たまもり Tamamori) is the word used to describe insane, elaborate and feminine fashion in the anime, Tamagotchi!.

Name Origin

Tama comes from Tamagotchi. Mori comes from a Japanese onomatopoeia, Morimori, which means full of zest. Moriritchi's name is also based on that word.

Kirakira Tamamori

It is similar, however, kirakira (キラキラ) means shiny or sparkling, which is also the word that Kiraritchi is based on.



Tamamori used on girls, Lovelitchi, Melodytchi and Nachuratchi.

Tamamori used on boys, Kuchipatchi and Mametchi.

Tamamori used on boys, Spacytchi.

Tamamori fashion is normally used on the head of a Tamagotchi, and sometimes on the body too. On the head, accessories, hats and random objects are used, and on rare occasions this can be scarily overdone. Most Tamamori clothing and accessories are worn on top of the clothing that the Tamagotchi is already wearing.

Each costume is based on one theme. Most Tamamori outfits are based on royal culture, food, magic, music, girly designs and Japanese culture. For example, Lovelitchi's Tamamori outfit on the Tamamori girls image is based on a Bento picnic, a Japanese lunch box wrapped in a picnic cloth and eaten under a sakura tree. Note the picnic cloth wrapped around Lovelitchi's body, and the food on Lovelitchi's head.

Tamamori is worn mainly by female Tamagotchi characters, because Tamamori is a girly craze for Tamagotchi. Boys do not usually wear it, but when they do it is normally based around royal culture, food and Japanese culture, and is not as glitzy and overdressed as the girls. The most common Tamamori item for a boy to wear on the head is a top hat, with objects on top, inside or coming out.


Tamamori and Tamamori Shop logo


The Tamamori Shop (たまもりショップ tamamori shoppu) is owned by Anemoriritchi and Moriritchi. This shop is found on Tama Street, and appears on the Tamagotchi iD L. This is where Tamagotchis go to get accessories, dresses, Tamamori Fashion and Tamatomo Room Decorations.



The inside of Moriritchi's Tamamori sticker book.

The Tamamori book known as Moriritchi's Tamamori sticker book is a book filled with Tamamori stickers. These stickers are also magic, because when Moriritchi picked a sticker and tossed it up in the air, if puffed into lifesize. Moriritchi can use these to dress up anyone, and is an easier way to carry her Tamamori fashions anywhere she goes.

Bandai Japan has also released a copy of this book called Super Tamamori Arrange! Sparkling Seal Book Set (超たまもりアレンジ!しーる帳セット Chou Tamamori Arenji! Shiru Tobari Setto).


Tamamori Seal Refill Princess Mori Set

Tamamori Seal Refill (たまもりしーるリフィル tamamori shīru rifiru) are Tamamori stickers used to dress up a Tamagotchi character. You get 4 to 6 characters to dress up, along with a colored non stick sheet and download passwords for the Tamagotchi iD L.

Never Released Tamamori Seal Refills

These Tamamori Seal Refills were announced by Bandai, however were never released. All shown in this list were meant to release before Tamagotchi! ended, and Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream took over.

  • Tamamori Seal Refill Vol.15 European Mori Set (たまもりしーるリフィル Vol.15 ヨーロピアンもりセット)
  • Tamamori Seal Refill Vol.15 Hawaiian Mori Set (たまもりしーるリフィル Vol.15 ハワイアンもりセット)
  • Tamamori Seal Refill Vol.15 Asian Mori Set (たまもりしーるリフィル Vol.15 アジアンもりセット)
  • Tamamori Seal Refill Vol.15 American Mori Set (たまもりしーるリフィル Vol.15 アメリカンもりセット)
  • Big Tamamori Seal Refill Lovely Sunshine (ビッグなたまもりしーるリフィル ラブリーサンシャインセット)
  • Big Tamamori Seal Refill Gigakyun Sunshine (ビッグなたまもりしーるリフィル ギガキュンサンシャインセット)

Tamamo Room

Tamamo Room


(たまもルーム tamamo rūmu) is known as Tamamori room decorating, and is also another feature of the Tamamori Shop. Bandai Japan also released 3 rooms that you can Tamamori decorate, Lovelitchi's room, Moriritchi's room and Melodytchi's room.

Kirakira! Tamamori Heaven (Show)

Moriritchi and Lovelitchi winning Kirakira! Tamamori Heaven.

Kirakira! Tamamori Heaven (キラキラ!たまもり天国 kirakira! tamamori tengoku) is a show on TAMAX-TV that features in the anime Tamagotchi!. Moriritchi vs Giragiratchi The Tamamori Master on this show and won. Which made her the new Tamamori master on Kirakira! Tamamori Heaven.

Moriritchi's Tamamori Pages

Kirakira Tamamori

Kirakira Tamamori (キラキラ たまもり) also known as Kira2 Tamamori, is exactly the same as the original Tamamori fashion craze, but instead the Tamamori stickers have a sparkly glitter added to them, as written in the name ( キラキラ meaning sparkly or shiny). This type of Tamamori fashion is mostly used by Kiraritchi who creates this type of fashion sticker.


The Kirakira Tamamori Shop is located around the center of Dream Town's flower bud. Kiraritchi lives and works at the store with her mother and her little sister Kiramotchi, making their own Kira Kira Tamamori accessories. On the Tamagotchi P's, the Kira Kira Tamamori shop serves as a clothing and accessories store for Tamagotchi characters. Once a Tamagotchi character has evolved to "friend stage", the store can be accessed in the door icon. Kiraritchi's mother works at the store on the Tamagotchi P's also.


Replica toy of kiraritchi's Kirakira Tamamori book

The Kirakira Tamamori book is owned Kiraritchi just like Moriritchi's Tamamori book, It is magic with the ability to make the stickers enlarge, but instead, Kiraritchi's stickers have sparkles added to them. A replica toy of Kiraritchi's Tamamori book was released in mid September 2012 measuring at 15.5 cm long and 10cm wide and comes with 4 Kirakira Tamamori sheets plus back ground and activity sheets.


Volume 1 idol dream Kirakira tamamori refil stickers


Kirakira Tamamori stickers (キラキラ たまもり シール) are puffy non-reusable stickers that are covered in glitter with glitter gel. So far only 2 volumes of stickers have been released and come with one background, unlike the original Tamamori stickers, these do not have a password for Tama-ID-L.com.

Kiraritchi's Kirakira Tamamori Pages

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