The three Tamawalkie designs. From left to right: Dancing, UFO, and Walking.

The Tamawalkie is a Tamagotchi pedometer developed by Bandai in late 2008. It is only available only in the Asian/Australian/Oceanic region (Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Philippines.) The Tamawalkie has no infrared or web functions.


The Tamawalkie is egg-shaped, with a large ring on the bottom with two bumps, made to resemble a UFO. There are three buttons along the ring in the front. On the back is a Reset button along with a clip, used for attaching the toy to pants during walks. Due to this, the Tamawalkie is substantially larger than other Tamagotchi pets.


While preparing the American Pavilion for the Tama & Earth EXPO, a Tamagotchi went into an UFO to visit America, to collect materials. Along the way, the UFO is struck by a meteor and sent crashing to Earth. The Tamagotchi must now collect materials for the Pavilion and attempt to repair the damaged UFO.


Once the toy has started, the user may select either Mametchi, Memetchi or Kuchipatchi to use. The instruction manual shows that other characters make cameo appearances along the way, such as Masktchi, Tarakotchi, and Violetchi.


The Tamawalkie has 4 games at the beginning. When a player succeeds in a game, his "Mile Points" will be increased.

Jumping Rope - The same game as in Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 where the Tamagotchi must jump a jumping rope.

Timer - The "Timer" game has 2 modes: "Count Down" and "Stop watch". In this game the Tamagotchi may increase only it's "Mile Points".

Treadmill - The Tamagotchi character is running on a running machine, but backs off gradually, when the Tamagotchi calls for help, the player must double press any button or with oscillatory input function to reset it.

Fishing - A simple fishing game. To catch the fish, the player must use button "B".

Finding the UFO parts


The Tamagotchi may start it's "looking for UFO parts journey" in 25 cities of America based on the starting point. The starting point is decided randomly in Map 1 or 4. On the Tamagotchi, the map divided into 4 parts as follow and to be magnified to display. Every dot on the map, is a city where the Tamagotchi can find one of it's 24 UFO parts.



During the day, the Tamagotchi will always walk, but very slowly. So there are some vehicles that can help the Tamagotchi pass more miles faster. The player may select the vehicle he wants to use according to VEHICLE command. There is no vehicle at the beginning of the journey; but the Tamagotchi can obtain it during its journey in vehicle shops, and the decreasing speed of Distance will change. NOTE: vehicle needs fuel. The Tamagotchi can buy fuel at the Petrol Station, in different cities the prices of fuel are different.

Game Modes

During The Journey

When walking down the street, the Tamagotchi will see various shops and come across various events.

1. Food Shop - the Tamagotchi may buy one of the two kinds of goods with MILE POINTS.

2. Petrol Station - the Tamagotchi may buy one kind of fuel for it's vehicle, the prices of fuel will be different in different cities.

3. Jobs - the Tamagotchi character is asked to help other people when it is walking down the street. If the player helps them solve their problems, he'll gain MAIL POINT.

  • Job 1: Corn field - harvest the corn by using oscillatory input function.
  • Job 2: Fruit Farm - harvest the fruits by using oscillatory input function.
  • Job 3: Dairy Farming - milk by using oscillatory input function.
  • Job 4: Dig Out Fossils - dig out fossils by using oscillatory input function.

4. No thoroughfare - when the mark of "No thoroughfare" appears during the walking, the Tamagotchi must return.

In the city

The entrance of the city will appear only when all the conditions are clear. NOTE: The Tamagotchi can only walk in the city. Vehicle can not be available.

1. Welcome event - when Distance is 0 all the residents will welcome the Tamagotchi. In addition, there are possibilities to find UFO parts and gain bonus MILE POINT. NOTE: The less of steps of arriving, more of "Mile Point" are gained.

2. Shop - when the Tamagotchi is walking down the street, it will see various shops and come across various events.

  • Food shop - The Tamagotchi may buy four goods with MILE POINT at the same time.
  • Vehicle shop - vehicles are sold in here.
  • Petrol station - Provide fuel for vehicles. The Tamagotchi can buy fuel with MILE POINT. The prices of fuel are different in different cities.
  • Repair shop - The Tamagotchi can repair the broken items here. In different cities the prices of repairing are different.

3. Jobs

  • Job 5- Clean the window- clean the window by using oscillatory input function.
  • Job 6- Wash the car- wash the car by using oscillatory input function.

4. Tourist attractions - when the character is calling for sightseeing, the Tamagotchi can go to the tourist attractions by pressing button B. The Tamagotchi can buy souvenirs and take photos.

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