The Tamagotchi are all ready for field day!

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With our skills, we should be able to win this competition easily.
– KuroMametchi

Team Battle! Mametchi VS Kuromametchi (チームでたいこー!まめっちvsくろまめっち Chīmu Detaiko! Mametchi vs Kuromametchi) is the fifth episode in the series Let's Go! Tamagotchi.



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Outside of the Tamagotchi School, Kuromametchi and Mametchi's teams prepare for the games. Kuromametchi assures his team that they can win due to their great skills. Although Ringotchi is worried how the Mametchi fan club will be affected if they beat his team, but Makiko is too focused on winning to care. In Mametchi's huddle, he tells his team that they can win if they all work together. Ms. Perfect tells them to quiet down, as Principal Mimizu is about to make a speech. Principal Mimizu assures them that they will all do fine, and that a great prize has been prepared for the winning team. With that being said, Ms. Perfect shoots the gun off, and the games begin.

The first event is races. First, Memetchi and Makiko face off, getting very competitive with each other. In the final pictures taken, it appears that Memetchi won thanks to her curled hair reaching over the finish line first. Next, Kuchipatchi and Togetchi race against each other. Kuchipatchi wins when he curls into a ball and rolls past the finish line first, but he crashes into a tree shortly after. Finally, Mametchi and Kuromametchi race. They are cheek-to-cheek and running very fast, so it is impossible to tell who crossed the line first.

After the races, the teams move on to different events. The second event is a game in which the Tamagotchi must catch balls with giant cups on sticks. Mametchi's team's cup catches every ball that comes its way, amazing its team members.

Third, the Tamagotchi are in a pool where a whirlpool has formed, and they must escape out of the pool. Gozarutchi is the only one who makes it out. After that, a team member from each team must get several flowers to stand up at the same time. As Ringotchi begins to become frustrated, Flowertchi encourages the flowers, then spins in a circle, spraying water from her watering can. They all stand up, meaning that they have won the challenge.

The first round ends, and Ms. Perfect turns the attention to the scoreboard, where it shows that the teams are tied at 82 points. She compliments them on all doing such a good job, and the second round begins.

Several images are displayed, which give an overview of the events that occurred during the second round. These events are shown as:

  • Simasimatchi and Ichigotchi walking on a balance beam, as Mametchi, Gozarutchi, and Tosakatchi cheer them on, while Memetchi giggles in the background
  • The teams pushing two giant balls along a track; Mametchi appears to have been on top of the ball (which is being pushed by Mimitchi and Zukyutchi). On the other side, Kuromametchi and Togetchi try to stop their ball, while Hinotamatchi watches in front of them
  • The teams play Tug-o-war, while Ms. Perfect cheers them on
  • A gymnastic ring routine preformed by Hinotamatchi and Kuchipatchi (the rings are replaced by doughnuts, and Kuchipatchi is eating his). They are cheered by Kuromametchi, Maidtchi, Ichigotchi, Memetchi, and Yattatchi.
  • The teams attempt to make human pyramids. Both fall into a pile, but Kuromametchi jumps out of the way in time
  • Relay races are done between Mametchi & Zukyutchi and Kuromametchi & Tosakatchi
  • The teams playing a game in which the opposing team has to swipe the other team member's ninja bandanna while raised above the ground by other team members

As the sun sets, the games finally end. Ms. Perfect tallies the final score, and it turns out that Kuromametchi's team beat Mametchi's 165 to 163. Kuromametchi gets very excited, but Mametchi's team is upset. Mametchi attempts to make them feel better by telling them what a good effort they made, which instantly cheers them up.

The teams turn their attention back to the front of the scoreboard, where Principal Mimizu is about to present the grand prize. The students are shocked, however, to discover that it is only a portrait of the principal holding a rose in his mouth!

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