GO-GO Tamagotchi! artwork of the MoriPakuCoffret Group

Team MoriPakuCoffret (もりぱくコフレ団 Moripakukofure Dan), sometimes shortened to MPC, is a trio of characters that formed in GO-GO Tamagotchi!. The group is comprised of three girls: Moriritchi, Candy Pakupaku, and Coffretchi, while the leader is unknown (but is presumably to be either one of them).

The team was first formed in episode 5 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!, Formation! Team MoriPakuCoffret. The group dedicates themselves to fighting for justice in acts of good deeds and chivalry. Since then, the girls patrol their hometown looking out for trouble as well as having many fun adventures together.

They temporarily disbanded in episode 44 due to a fight between Coffretchi and Moriritchi.


Major appearances

Formation! Team MoriPakuCoffret

Moriritchi, Candy Pakupaku, and Coffretchi spend time together and decide to form a group once they realize how well they get along.

Huh?? Micro Team MoriPakuCoffret??

The team become tiny after eating one of Candy Pakupaku's candies which happened to have a mysterious power.

Breakup!? Team MoriPakuCoffret

Coffretchi and Moriritchi fight with each other and disband from the group. Candy Pakupaku tries to carry on the team's efforts on her own, but soon her loneliness makes her miserable. Coffretchi and Moriritchi see how their actions have affected Candy Pakupaku, and decide to reunite.

Minor appearances

(Work in progress)


The trio have 2 short songs--a rock-style theme song, and a marching tune. The first has been sung in the anime multiple times, whereas the latter was only sung in their debut episode. Both songs were available as tracks on the last Tamagotchi music CD.

MPC Theme Song

Vocalist Lyrics
Moriritchi Mori, mori, mori mo-ri
Candy Pakupaku Paku, paku, paku pa-ku
Coffretchi Coff-fu-ret
All Da-da-da, dan!
Moriritchi Mori!
Candy Pakupaku Paku!
Coffretchi Coffuret!
All Dan!

MoriPakuCoffret March (もりぱくコフレ団行進曲 Moripakukofure dan koushinnkyoku)

Vocalist Lyrics English translation
Coffretchi Kyō mo yukuyuku ashita mo yuku Today we're on our way and we'll go on tomorrow too
Candy Pakupaku Kyandi pakupaku shi houdai We'll devour as much candy as we want
Moriritchi San-ri soroeba morimori pawā Three people united with vigorous power
All Iroiro yattari yaranakattari There are a lot of things we do and some we don't
All Ā ai to seigi no mori paku kofure-dan! Oh, love and justice, Team MoriPakuCoffret!


  • The three members all have similar happy-go-lucky, energetic, and talkative personalities, which is one of the reasons why they decided to band together.
  • Each member was a secondary character to the mascots of every previous Tamagotchi anime series. Moriritchi was the secondary mascot to Lovelitchi and Melodytchi in the original Tamagotchi!, Coffretchi was the secondary mascot to Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi in Yume Kira Dream (although Pianitchi held this position as well), and Candy Pakupaku was the secondary mascot to Miraitchi and Clulutchi in Miracle Friends.
  • Whether the team is still active after the events of GO-GO Tamagotchi! is still unknown, but it is possible that it was disbanded most likely due to Candy Pakupaku returning to the future.



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