Telelin (テルリン Terurin), also known as Terulin, is Lovelitchi's cellphone. She first appeared at the end of Episode 26 the Tamagotchi! anime, and can be seen at the park on the Tamagotchi iD L.

Name Origin

Telelin's name comes from the word telephone. Tele (テル Teru) translated meaning short for telephone, and the lin (リン rin) most likely comes from Lovelin's name, as Telelin is Lovelin's telephone.


Originally, Telelin was an ordinary mobile phone. Lovelitchi receieved this from her parents, Lovemamalitchi and Lovepapalitchi, when she became first famous as her celebrity identity Lovelin. She used the phone just for calling and sending text messages. However, when Lovelitchi got a text from the ancient Kuchipatchi of Truth and was sent back in time with Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi to fulfill a mission there, Telelin came to life because her power was needed to charge Mamemametchi's machine so it could save Tamagotchi Planet. When Lovelitchi and the others returned to the present, Telelin wouldn't wake up and the friends were very upset.  However, Telelin soon woke up with a message from the ancient Princess Tamako and from that day forward, Telelin continued to exist as a living character to this day.


Telelin is able to walk and talk like a normal Tamagotchi, but she also has some mechanical traits. She doesn't eat, drink, or have to use the bathroom, and she doesn't touch water because she runs on electricity. However, she does have emotions and can cry with tears. At the end of each day, she sits and falls asleep on her couch charger shaped like Lovelitchi's head.

Telelin being her paranormal self

Telelin has a strange personality. Whenever something goes wrong, she often makes an unexpected remark or comment which is followed by Lovelitchi scolding her by saying "Telelin....". Another one of Telelin's unusual behaviors is that she believes in the paranormal world. Whenever something unexplained happens, she normally says its paranormal activity, sometimes scaring everyone around her. Lovelitchi sometimes stuffs Telelin in her bag when this happens.

When Telelin talks, she always refers to herself in third person, saying Telelin instead of I, my, me, or mine. Telelin also likes to give other Tamagotchis nicknames ending in "-lin".

Telelin is best friends with Lovelitchi. She is often inside Lovelitchi's heart bag and she pops her head out of it when talking to her or other people. She also loves to play with Doremitchi, Sopratchi, PashalinHapihapitchi, and Kizunatchi. She loves to ride on Hapihapitchi and Kizunatchi sometimes.

Telelin loves attention and gets jealous easily. For example, she gets very envious when Tamagotchis pay more attention to Pashalin or Himespetchi's Himespe Phone than to her. Despite this, she is very dedicated to her friends, such as when she used a leaf to protect Pashalin from the rain rather than herself. Telelin got damaged from the rain and had to have Mametchi fix her.

Telelin loves exploring and sometimes leaves without telling anyone. She enjoys singing and thinks she's good at it, even though she sings very off-key.



  • Telelin only appeared in one English episode.
  • Telelin is able to mimic different Tamagotchis by changing her face into theirs and making her voice sound like theirs.
  • Tamastetchi has a cellphone on her base, which greatly resembles to Telelin. In fact, Tamastetchi appeared in Episode 1, which is 25 episodes before Telelin's true debut.

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