Genders and Releases:
Teruterukotchi sprite

TeruTerukotchi (てるてるこっち Teruterukotchi) is a female teen character who only appears on the TamagoChu. She evolves into Violetchi.


She looks like a doll with a white dress covered in hearts. Her face is round and it looks like a sun. She has no arms or legs but she has a beak that resembles LoveZukintchi's.

Name Origin

Her name comes from ko, a Japanese suffix used in girls' names, combined with teru teru bozu, which is a cloth doll thought to bring fine weather. This is what she is based on; the reason why she looks like a sun is to symbolize "fine weather".


TeruTerukotchi's appearance of teru teru bozu is shared with another character, Terubotchi, despite her being a child stage character.

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