TeruTerukotchi (てるてるこっち Teruterukotchi) is a female teen character who only appears on the TamagoChu.


She looks like a doll with a white dress covered in hearts. Her face is round and it looks like a sun. She has no arms or legs but she has a beak that resembles LoveZukintchi's.

On Virtual Pets


TeruTerukotchi is one of three possible teens that can be selected on the female unit. Once her relationship has progressed enough and enough days have passed, she will evolve into Violetchi.

Name Origin

Her name comes from ko, a Japanese suffix used in girls' names, combined with Teru teru bozu,which is a cloth doll thought to bring fine weather. This is what she is based on; the reason why she looks like a sun is to symbolize "fine weather".


  • TeruTerukotchi is one of three characters based on a teru teru bozu, the other two being Terukerotchi and Terubotchi.
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