"The Boy" (男の子) is a young human character from Manga de Hakken! Tamagotch 4 Koma Gekijou. He is one of the main characters in this series, alongside his pets Kuchipatchi and Marutchi. His real name is never revealed.


The boy is a short child, approximately elementary school age. He usually wears dark blue shorts, dark blue shoes with white socks, a white tee shirt, and a red coat with white cuffs. He has short red hair with spikes, but his hair appear black in most of the comics because they are in black-and-white.


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The boy is brash, snarky, and loves Tamagotchis. However, he is irresponsible when it comes to taking care of them. He is also quick tempered and frequently bursts with rage at his Kuchipatchi's antics. He enjoys sports, playing outside, and kaiju films. He hates Oyajitchi and has a fear that one of his Tamagotchis will evolve into one.

Despite getting angry at Kuchipatchi all the time, he does care about it and even cried when he thought it had died. He got angry again when he found out that his Kuchipatchi had faked its death.


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The boy was excited to obtain his very first Tamagotchi egg. In fact, he started playing loud instruments and celebrating when it started to hatch, which lead to the baby Tamagotchi becoming frustrated and returning to its shell. Then, after it evolved into Marutchi, the boy accidentally kicked it when he was trying to kick a soccer ball. In its Tamatchi stage, it was very rebellious and wouldn't let the boy give it an injection when it was sick.

One day, the boy couldn't find his Tamagotchi. He spotted a Mametchi walking by, and was delighted that he had raised his pet into such a desirable Adultchi. However, the Mametchi belonged to someone else, and the boy found out that his own Tamagotchi had evolved into Kuchipatchi. The boy was disappointed by this and later got another Tamagotchi egg, remarking that he wouldn't let it evolve into someone as undesirable as Kuchipatchi again. Kuchipatchi, agitated at this, cracked open the egg early to cook its yolk while the boy was at school. This second Tamagotchi never grows past its Marutchi stage.

Throughout the series, other kids often mock the boy for having such an undesirable, badly-behaved Tamagotchi. He is still bitter about Kuchipatchi too, and frequently snaps in response to its laziness or greed. Sometimes it does things that trick or annoy him to get back at him. The boy is usually kinder to his Marutchi.

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