The Lovelin Concert! (ハラハラ!ラブリンコンサート , Harahara! Raburin konsāto) is part 2 of episode 4 of Tamagotchi!.


Lovelitchi is invited to Lovelin's concert by Mametchi and friends, but realizes the complications of performing the show and enjoying it with her classmates at the same time. Determined to spend time with her friends and keep her identity secret, she performs the concert and rushes into the audience during breaks.


On the way to school, Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, Memetchi, and Chamametchi notice a poster advertising a public taping of Lovelin's concert. Excited to see Lovelin live, they bring the news to their friends at school and invite Lovelitchi. Not wanting to turn them down, she nervously promises to join them. At TAMAX-TV, Manenetchi says she can't do this because she and Lovelin are the same person, but Lovelitchi says she has to come because she promised them.

At night, Mametchi, Chamametchi, and Hapiphapitchi express their excitement to see Lovelin after watching an episode of Gotchiman at home. The next day, Chamametchi picks flowers from the garden to give to Lovelin and they head to the park to meet up with everyone else. Lovelitchi arrives at park and asks what the flowers are to which Chamametchi responds that they're for Lovelin. Lovelitchi thanks her and goes to take the flowers before realizing what she's doing and quickly says that Lovelin will love them. She then runs off to TAMAX-TV for rehearsal and says that she has to do something and to go ahead without her.

At the studio, everyone gets in the already long line with Lovelitchi who is already there. The Spacy Brothers wonder what the line is for and get in after Akaspetchi suggests that there might be a shortcut to world domination in it. The group finally make it into the concert room and Lovelitchi sneaks out of the crowd while everyone stares up at the stage. The concert then starts and Lovelin sings Lovely Day.

In the crowd, Akaspetchi realizes there's no shortcut to be found and is surprised to see Spacytchi in tears, moved by the performance and wanting his takeover to be like the performance. The song finishes and as the group cheers, Lovelitchi is seen next to Chamametchi also cheering. Mametchi asks if she's always been there and Lovelitchi reassures him that she was. She then leaves to sing the next song with the excuse that she has to make a call to someone. As she leaves, Uwasatchi watches her with a suspicious look.

The concert continues with Lovelin singing on stage and Lovelitchi running back to the audience during breaks to spend time with her friends. After it ends, Chamametchi goes to Lovelin's room with her siblings to give her the flowers. They go outside the studio to where everyone else is waiting and the scene pans over to Lovelitchi who is next to them. Mametchi asks again if she's always been there to which she asserts that she has. Makiko suddenly screams and wails that she forgot to ask Lovelin to sign her plush, but her friends reassures her that she can just do it next time they meet Lovelin.

At the Tama Cafe, Lovelitchi appreciates Chamametchi's flowers before going to bed.





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