The Narrator is an anime-exclusive character introduced in Tamagotchi!. As for GO-GO Tamagotchi!, an female is the show's narrator and can converse with the show's characters.

An make one is voiced by unknown voice actor. As for female one is voiced by Satomi Kōrogi.


The narrator has no appearance. However, the voice distinguishes that she is a woman.


The female narrator has a cheerful, child-like personality and she is also very curious.

In the Anime

The male narrator has only narrated the the first opening theme.

The female narrator makes her appearance in GO-GO Tamagotchi!. As her role of the show's narrator, she states the overview of the current situation of the episode whenever her feel of the need arises. Mostly she talks in the beginning of an episode to state the situation and ends the episode with a conclusion.

In part 1 of episode 48, the narrator assumes the identity of a senior Tamagotchi named Rena Obatchi. In her disguise, she makes an opportunity to get close to the Tama-Friends and have fun with them in secret. In the end of the episode, she disappears and resumes her role as the narrator, leaving a wig behind that was part of her Rena Obatchi disguise.


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