Uwasatchi and Mametchi's Lovelin Pajamas

The Power of Gossip! (うわさの親子!だわさ Uwasa no oyako! Dawasa) is part 1 of episode 15 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on January 18, 2010. The episode is written by Aya Matsui. It has been dubbed in English.


The episode opens up with Safetytchi signaling the kids to cross the street. Kuchipatchi, Mametchi, and Memetchi come up to her and greet her. Then, they cross a crosswalk leading to Tamagotchi School.

Safetytchi then overhears somebody chatting. Excited over it, she (literally) picks up the crosswalk and heads towards the conversation. Back at the small group, the woman (who looks like a Mame) says that everybody is aware that Necktietchi has over 100 neckties, all the same design and all colored blue. She continues and says that nobody could notice the difference when he changes ties. Behind the bushes, Safetytchi is writing down the information on her notebook. The second woman (who looks like a Meme) then tells her gossip, where she asks about the rumor of Mr. Turtlepedia's shell. The first woman asks if the third woman (who looks like a Patchi) knows about it. She explains that he likes fashion, and so he changes the cover of his book shell with different colors and patterns. Safetytchi writes it down on her notebook. Feeling the rush, she becomes determined to hear more and more gossip.

Later at Tamagotchi School, Uwasatchi is advertising the latest scoops on the newspapers. She tosses them all over the place. Mametchi picks up one of the newspapers. When he opens it, he is shocked what he saw on the paper: He sleeps with Lovelin's Superhero costume to be just like her. It was told by Uwasatchi, and Mametchi comes up to the screen and exclaims that it's a misunderstanding. After the sudden cutaway, Mametchi corrects that he wears Gotchiman's Costume. His sister, Chamametchi, is the one who wears the Lovelin pajamas. He tries to tell Memetchi and Kuchipatchi that it's the truth. The two say that they were already aware that it's false. In fact, Memetchi says that Uwasatchi's rumors are not actually real.

Kuchipatchi takes the newspaper, saying that it's fun to read them anyway because they're popular. He flips a page and laughs when he sees a rumor about Memetchi. Memetchi snatches the newspaper from Kuchipatchi to see for herself. She gets angry when she reads that many people think her curl is "fake". Memetchi is furious, up to the point of crying and ripping the newspaper. The boys try to calm her down. Mametchi uses her advice of nobody believing Uwasatchi's rumors. Memetchi lashes at them, saying that "If anyone messes with my hair they'll be in big trouble!"

Class day ends at Tamagotchi School. Uwasatchi walks down the pathway away from the school. Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi are seen hiding behind bushes. Mametchi asks Memetchi of her "plan". She says that she plots to discover Uwasatchi's secret and expose it to public. Kuchipatchi wonders if it's really going to work for her, irritating Memetchi. Then, Mametchi looks to his right. Uwasatchi is seen hiding behind a bush. She then proceeds through a series of bushes. After peeking her head out of one, she listens up on Makiko and Flowertchi conversing. Makiko says that Flowertchi's hairpin resembles a shape of a four-leaf clover. Flowertchi says that a four-leaf clover is an amulet for love. Uwasatchi writes it down on her notebook. Then, she continues following them. Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi eavesdropped it and realize that is Uwasatchi's way of getting gossip from others. Mametchi thinks it is difficult. Memetchi tells them to disregard it and continue spying on Uwasatchi. Then, she sees Uwasatchi hiding behind another bush.

Two female commoners are seen. The one on the right gossips that making a phone call after midnight will cause something strange will happen. The left woman wonders what she means, and the other woman says she heard a "mysterious voice". The cutaway shows a very old man, telling the caller on the phone the number they dialed is "out of service". Then, he briefly laughs before the cutaway ends. The gossip finishes with the first commoner saying that after that voice, they hear a "scream". As Uwasatchi scoots through the bushes, she bumps into Safetytchi, her mother.

It surprised them both and the two converse on each other. Safetytchi says that she is aware Uwasatchi is also looking for scoops. Uwasatchi tells her that she's impressed with her progress. Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi were eavesdropping on it and think it's surprising that Safetytchi is really Uwasatchi's mother. Kuchipatchi states that they look alike. Safetytchi then concludes to end the day and decides that she and Uwasatchi should go back home. Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi follow her.

Uwasatchi and Safetytchi arrive at a fountain during a sunset. Safetytchi tosses her case and it creates a parasol table with an unknown object fitted with a funnel sitting on it. Safetytchi turns it on. It is revealed to be a public broadcasting radio station where Uwasatchi and Safetytchi are the talkers. As they open it up with their introduction, they start telling rumours. The first gossip is Necktietchi's 100 identical neckties. The second gossip is Mr. Turtlepedia's shell fashion. The third gossip is the haunted phone call during midnight. A brief reveal shows that Ojitchi is the haunted caller.

But as she continues, Safetytchi starts to tell the listeners of "Mametchi's Lovelin pajama secret", much to Mametchi's surprise. Thinking it ahead of it, Memetchi suddenly realizes that Safetytchi is going to tell the entire town of her "fake" curl. Memetchi runs up and tries to stop her, but she is too late; Safetytchi already told it, as well as adding that she's "bald".

Memetchi becomes extremely furious. She is ablaze with rage and boys tried to calm her down. But she snaps in her uncontrollable anger. It is uncertain what happens after the screen fades to black.

Later at Tamagotchi School, Memetchi tries to get back at Safetytchi, where she attempts to reveal "her secret". She said that her hair "isn't real". Instead, it is "made of green cotton candy", and the flavor of her hair would be "the most delicious thing ever tasted". The people believe it, and then she goes out to town and tells the fake story to everybody.

At the TamaCafe, Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi are eating cake along with Lovelitchi. Lovelitchi was told that the gang had problems with gossips. Memetchi said that if her rumor of "Safetytchi's delicious hair" spreads, Memetchi will able to get her revenge. Lovelitchi then said that she she gets gossip over her popularity. But she intends to ignore them. Because if she listened to them, then she'll keep hearing them. The gang seemed to agree with her advice. But Memetchi still wouldn't forgive Safetytchi for lying about her hair.

Meanwhile, Otokitchi tells Maidtchi about Safetytchi's "delicious hair". Then, Maidtchi tells Zukyutchi, who then tells it to another person. The rumor of Safetytchi's "delicious hair" then begins to spread rapidly from person to person

The scene switches to Safetytchi signaling kids down a crosswalk. Kuchipatchi, Mametchi, and Memetchi all walk up to her. As she says hello to them, a rumbling is heard. When the four look, they see a stampede of people running towards them. Safetytchi is unaware what is happening. Some of the people start talking about her "delicious hair" while other people said that they wanted the clover the she hid in her hair. Safetytchi is still oblivious, and then she panics and tries to get away from the mob.

As Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi watch the mob chase after Safetytchi, Mametchi says that the rumor must have changed each time it was told until it became nothing like the original rumor. Then, they notice Uwasatchi hiding in the blushes, writing that there is a clover hidden inside her mom's hair that brings good luck.





Tamagotchi a bad day (the power of gossip!)

Tamagotchi a bad day (the power of gossip!)

WARNING: The end in this video is cut, particularly from recording problems.

Tamagotchi! - The Power Of Gossip (Full Episode)

Tamagotchi! - The Power Of Gossip (Full Episode)

Uncut version.