Genders and Appearances:
Everlasting Summer Island

Tokonatchi (とこなっち Tokonatchi) is a female Tamagotchi character who debuted in the Tamagotchi Carddass series. She is the princess of Everlasting Summer Island and the daughter of Tanetameha the Great.


Tokonatchi has brown skin, round eyes (with dark green irises in the anime), pink lips, and two curls of black hair on each side of her head. She wears a yellow dress with a frilly yellow-green collar that seems to resemble a pineapple, and a hat that resembles half a watermelon.

In the Anime


Tokonatchi's first anime appearance was in part 1 of episode 40.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Tokonatchi and Tanetameha the Great both reappeared in part 1 of episode 39.


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