Tomomi (ともみ Tomomi) is a human girl who appeared from Episode 96 to Episode 112 in Tamagotchi!.

The school she goes to on Earth is First City Elementary School (市立第一小学校). Her best friend there is Yuka.

Name Origin

Tomomi's name is similar to the Tamagotchi friendship word, Tamatomo. Her name translated means "beautiful (mi) friend (tomo)", also known as a person who is wise and truthful in Japanese.


Tomomi's style of appearance is very different from Tanpopo's, who was designed by similar artists from Pokémon. Tomomi resembles more Shoujo style characteristics because of her big eyes.

Tomomi has brown hair with a pink scrunchie tied to make a ponytail. She has a white T-shirt over a black sweater, with a pink bow and two yellow stars on the front. She also wears brown high heeled boots and blue shorts, and she has dark brown eyes. Her bag is light pink with two dark pink stripes, and a pink flower that is similar to Lovelin's ear accessory from her 2009-2011 outfit.


Tomomi is very polite and kind, but sometimes sensitive and shy. She is talented and good at sports and stage magic, and dreams someday she will become a magician. She likes putting on magic shows for the Tama-Friends, and her performances were admired at TAMAX-TV. Tomomi is also a big fan of Gotchiman, like Mametchi is. Most Tamagotchis are friendly towards her and eager to be her friend, but Madonnatchi and Herotchi are jealous of her when they see her successfully working at TAMAX-TV with Lovelin.

In Anime


Tomomi officially debuted in Tamagotchi! in episode 96 when she was accidentally transported by Mametchi's prototype Tama Profy machine on its first trial run.

While Mametchi tried to figure out how to send her back home, Tomomi started befriending everyone and joining in with the tama-friend's adventures. In "A Rival's Bond", she enrolls in Tamagotchi School and becomes popular among the students. She ends up forming a bond with Kuromametchi, causing a Tama Heart to appear. In episode 99, she went to TAMAX-TV so the tama-friends could introduce her to Tamagotchi Town and she participated in a few shows.'

She later goes back home to earth in Tomomi Decision! To the Earth" after Mamemame Laboratory figured out how to transport her back. She didn't want to leave at first, but the tama-friends help her have fun on her last day on Tamagotchi Planet and she eventually has a teary farewell before reuniting with her friends and family back home.

Tomomi makes a minor cameo in episode 136, when Mametchi is asked a riddle about humans by Sphinquiztchi.



  • She is similar to Tanpopo from Tamagotchi: The Movie, in that she is a young female Tamagotchi fan who was accidentally transported to Tamagotchi Planet. Also, when she first met the Tamagotchis, she squished Kuchipatchi's face similar to how Tanpopo squished Mametchi's face.
  • She was the first human protagonist to appear in the Tamagotchi! TV series. The others were Yukine and Suzune from GO-GO Tamagotchi!.
  • As a result of Mametchi's Profile Machine exploding when Tomomi was transported, he went on to make the Tama Profys instead. Hence, The Tama Hearts collecting arc began in the same episode that Tomomi befriended the Tamagotchis.
  • Judging by the fact that she's in Japanese elementary school, she is somewhere between the ages of 7-12 years old.
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