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Toy Park (おもちゃパーク Omocha Pāku) is a location on Tamagotchi Planet.


Toy Park is full of toys, games, and fun things to do. One of its main features is a giant ball pit with a slide leading into it. It also has other playground equipment, such as swings, trampolines, and a rock-climbing wall.


Orange Shop

Orange Tourcontchi runs the nameless shop here. It sells Meals, Snacks, Items and Accessory wearables, as part of the Tourcontchi Chain.

Toy Meals:

  • PUZZLE SUB - 280 GP
  • RICE BLOCK - 150 GP
  • BENTO WOW - 170 GP

Toy Snacks:

  • POPSICLE - 120 GP
  • DIY PANCAKE - 150 GP
  • CAR COOKIE - 110 GP

Toy Items:

  • MAGIC SET - 800 GP
    • Attracts Doyakentchi.
  • TRAIN SET - 800 GP
    • Attracts Chitchi.

Toy Accessories:

  • BEAR EARS - 1100 GP
  • FUN GLASSES - 650 GP

All standard Items and Accessories are sold at every Tourcontchi chain shop and at the Tama Depa Store.

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