Training (しつけ Discipline) is a function introduced on the original Tamagotchi.


Training is represented as a meter in the Check icon, which starts off empty when the Tamagotchi is born. During various stages in the Tamagotchi's life, it will make training calls, and the user must answer them in time. Successfully answering a call will partially fill the Training meter, and once the meter is full, it either becomes less likely to make calls or stops making calls entirely.

The amount of training the Tamagotchi gets through its life often has a direct impact on what adult stage it becomes. It may also lose training meter between certain growth stages; for example, original Tamagotchi, when Marutchi with 100% discipline evolves, its next stage (either Tamatchi or Kuchitamatchi) will begin with 50% discipline. On almost every release, training will not have an impact on the Tamagotchi's overall health. The sole exception is the Tamagotchi Ocean; the meter must be 6/7 full before its evolution time, or it will otherwise die.

Types of Training


Discipline (しつけ), also known as "Punish", "Scold", and "Time-Out", is the primary form of training. This type of call is done if the Tamagotchi calls despite neither its Hungry nor Happy meter being empty, if it refuses to eat or play a game, if it refuses medicine when ill, if it's visually misbehaving (Keitai and Akai), or if it sends a prank gift to a friend instead of the user's intended gift (Tamagotchi Connection Version 2, Version 3, Version 4, Version 4.5, Music Star, and TamaTown Tama-Go). On most releases, disciplining a Tamagotchi when it hasn't called for it will make it lose one Happy heart.


Praise is the secondary type of training, introduced on the Tamagotchi Connection. This training is used if the Tamagotchi is crying or sulking. This function also appears on the Tamagotchi Nano and its variants; if the Tamagotchi is sulking, pressing A repeatedly will cheer it up.


The Justice (せいぎ) training appears exclusively on the Mothra Tamagotchi. During the second, third, and sometimes fourth stage, the pet will appear to be attacking the Tokyo Tower. Selecting the discipline icon will stop it, and once the meter is full, it will stop calling entirely. The evolution conditions for Mothra Leo, Ghogo, and Godzilla all require the Justice meter to be at 100%.


The Deeds (しあわせ Happiness) training appears exclusively on the Tamagotchi Angel. The deeds meter is partially filled each time the user praises the Angel for praying. Following every prayer call (answered or not), the Angel will poop.


The Evolution (しんか) training appears exclusively on the Genjintch Tamagotchi. The evolution meter is partially filled each time the user praises the Genjintchi for making pottery. This meter has a significant impact on what evolution path the Genjintchi takes.

Doraemon Power

Doraemon Power (abbreviated DMP) training appears exclusively on the Doraemontchi and Doramitchi. This meter is filled when disciplined for misbehaving, or when giving an item from the 4th Dimension Pocket to a friend. The meter begins at 0 and fills completely at 14. The closer to full the meter is, the less likely there will be breakdowns or seeing a mouse or cockroach. The meter will empty by 1 if a call to give an item is missed.

Devil Power

Devil Power (デビルンパワー, abbreviated DP) appears exclusively on the Debirutch no Tamagotch, and is represented by numbers instead of a meter. DP increases when a Devil's mischief (such refusing to eat, refusing to let the user visit the Check meter, pretending to eat chocolate, etc.) goes unpunished. Disciplining the Devil when it misbehaves and shaking its hand when it attempts to befriend the user help to lower the DP. DP has a significant impact on how it evolves, and if the DP ever reaches 100, the Devil will return to the Devil World, triggering the Bad End.


Santa-ness (サンタらしさ) appears exclusively on the Santaclautch no Tamagotch. This meter is represented by four bells, and is filled as the user gets the correct evolutions from the four items. The meter will fill completely if the user achieves Sleigh Santaclautchi and Rednosetchi, also unlocking the option of finding the two secret items.


Bonding is a variant of training that appears exclusively on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 and Version 5 Celebrity, and is measured in percentages. Training the family and using certain items increases the Bonding percentage, and has a direct impact on what C-click reactions are played and what adults are earned. The family will also make training calls throughout the day; answering them increases the percentage, and what training item is used influences what family the next growth stage will be. The five Pure Families are all only possible if the Bonding has reached 100% for the Tamagotchi receiving the marriage partner.


  • Training is absent on the Entama and Uratama, instead replaced with Skill Points.
  • Training has been absent on every color release.
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