Tsubuanonetchi (つぶあんおねっち) is a female adult-stage Tamagotchi character who is currently exclusive to the Sweets version of the Tamagotchi On. She can be encountered in Wagashi Village.


Tsubuanonetchi has a light brown face with a pinkish beak and deep brown cheeks. The rest of her body appears to be covered in a white gown, and she is kneeling in a floating dish. She has a ball of red bean paste on top of her head, resembling a bun hairstyle held in place by a dango stick. She also has three dango balls hovering around her.

Name origin

Tsubuan is a coarse type of anko (red bean paste) in which the beans are not intentionally mashed during the process. One comes from oneesan (おねえさん), which is often used to mean "elder sister" but can also mean "young lady".

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