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Tsukitchi (つきっち) is the moon of Tamagotchi Planet. He can be seen in the night sky. 


Tsukitchi resembles a yellow crescent moon with a face. He has beady eyes and a pink beak. Sometimes he makes different face expressions, such as sadness, depending on what's going on back on Tamagotchi Planet. He is different from a real moon because he never goes through different phases, instead, he always resembles a crescrent.

In the Anime

Tsukitchi's appearance in the anime.

Tsukitchi has appeared in Tamagotchi: The MovieLet's Go! Tamagotchi, and every entry in the Tamagotchi! series. He is usually a silent background character. Sometimes he talks (although rarely), and acts as a narrator for the show. 

In the Tamagotchi! anime, he is voiced by Tokuyoshi Kawashima.

Other Forms

He has a different appearance in the vampire episodes of Tamagotchi!, broadcasted by TAMAX-TV. The blanked out side of Tsukitchi is shown to be his frankenstein looking side.

Name Origin

Tsuki is Japanese for "moon".


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