Tsutayatchi (ツタヤっち) is a Tamagotchi character that was meant to appear on the Deka Tamagotchi. Despite being programmed into both the Deka machines and the Tamagotchi Plus, there were no locations announced with Deka machines running this character, and its character data on the Tamagotchi Connection, Version 2, and Version 3 is replaced with a second Nazotchi.


Tsutayatchi logo original

The original Tsutaya logo

Tsutayatchi resembles the Tsutaya logo with three legs.

In Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection V3

Using certain items with Tamagotchi may cause sprites of Tsutayatchi to appear.

Name Origin

Tsutayatchi's name comes from the company Tsutaya.




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