Tsuyotchi (つよっち) is a male child Tamagotchi who debuted in the GO-GO Tamagotchi! anime.


Tsuyotchi has light blue skin and curly lime-green hair on top of his head. He wears blue overalls with lime-green buttons and a lime-green pocket in front. He has dim blue eyes, and his brows are usually creased.


Tsuyotchi is somewhat stubborn, but he means well. He is often quiet, and he feels uncomfortable around other Tamagotchis. Sometimes he tries to play with other children, but if something goes wrong he will get discouraged easily. 

In the Anime

Tsuyotchi debuted in part one of episode 28 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!. He goes to the Tama Sitter House daycare, and meets Lovesoratchi. Lovesoratchi becomes his first Tama-Friend.

Name Origin

"Tsuyo" may come from "tsuyoi", which means resilient.


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