The Twin Angels (ふたごてんし Futagotenshi) are a collective Special Adult Angel that appear on the Tamagotchi Angel.


The Twin Angels both have round heads, small bodies, wings and a halo. They wear yellow gowns in their Japanese art, while their US artwork depicts them wearing blue. The Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Angel app includes a variation of them wearing pink, and a variation with the two alternating between yellow and green colors.


The one on the left is known as PM (Pom) and the one on the right is AM (Am). The two are well-behaved and live in constant, devotional prayer. They are enemies with the Twin Deviltchi. Their prayers breathe life into romance in the world.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Angel

The Twin Angels evolve from Chestnut Angel or Chubby Angel when given perfect care. They wake at 8 AM, sleep at 10 PM, and their maximum AP is 90. They are the best care characters in this version.

The Twin Angels are infamous for their potential immortality - while they will eventually grow needy with age much like other adult characters on vintage Tamagotchi releases, provided that they are given sufficient care they will not depart from old age.

Other Appearances

Tamagotchi Town

The Twin Angels evolve from Tamatchi Angel or Takotchi Angel when they are lured into a grassland block by food upon waking up on the day they are due to evolve.

Appearances in Tamagotchi Media

Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi

The Twin Angels make a cameo in episode 9 of Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi, when Ginjirotchi Angel visits the Tenshitchi Capital.

Name Origin

The Twin Angels' Japanese name comes from the word "futago", which means "twins".


  • The Twin Angels are the first "twin"-type character to be featured on a Tamagotchi. Prior to their introduction, there were widespread rumors and speculation on how to obtain twins on the original Tamagotchi. However, the Twin Angels function as one character; raising multiple Tamagotchi pets at a time on one device would not be possible until the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5.


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