The Twin Deviltchi (ふたごデビル Futagodebiru) are a collective Special Adult Deviltchi character that debuted on the Debirutch no Tamagotch.


The Twin Deviltchi are made up of two characters. They have a small body with enlarged heads, pointed ears, and devil wings. The one with the blue ears and body is known as "Bruno" and the one with the pink ears and body is "Pinky". Bruno is always on the left and Pinky is always on the right.


The Twin Deviltchi are a popular comedy duo; Bruno playing joker and Pinky as the "straight-man". They're popular with both Angels and Devils, and their song "Black Dream Love Boogie Woogie" hit #1 on the music charts. However, this causes problems with the Angels; they're so popular that they cause younger, more impressionable Angels to convert to Devils.

They are sworn enemies with the Twin Angels.

On Virtual Pets

Debirutch no Tamagotch

Twin Deviltchi evolves from Girl Deviltchi when the Friend Level is at 4 and the Devil Power is between 80 and 95. Twin Deviltchi is the shortest-lived special adult, as it usually evolves shortly before a Good End is due to occur.

Name Origin

Futago means "twins" in Japanese. Debiru is a transliteration of the English word, "devil".


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