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The Twistetchi (ツイステっち) is a licensed Tamagotchi Nano model based on Twisted Wonderland, a Japanese battle/rhythm mobile game co-developed by The Walt Disney Company and the Sony Music Japan-owned Aniplex, that prominently features several antagonists from the former's films.


The Twistetchi uses the same mold and ball chain style first introduced with the Evatchi. In addition, each shell comes bundled with a die-cast silver-colored charm. Unique to the Twistetchi is the packaging; it is a black box with a golden crest on the front.


Disney: Twisted-Wonderland is a Japanese mobile game created by Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan. The game takes place at Night Ravens College, a magical boarding school with seven dormitories themed after the villains of classic Disney animated films. In the game, the player is accidentally transported to the school through a magic mirror, and is allowed to be enrolled as a student until they can find a way to return home.

In the story developed for the Twistetchi, the player is magically transported to Night Ravens College, but there is no one around to supervise them in training for magic. The Headmaster Dire Crowley assigns the black cat Grim to the user, and the user must prove themselves before they can meet the other students of the school and be sorted into one of the seven dormitories.


Enrollment and Sorting

After setting the clock, the user will begin their training alongside the black cat Grim. After 24 hours, how well the user has performed in caring for Grim and performing the lessons will determine which of the seven dorms Dire Crowley will sort the user into, as well as which of the 22 possible students the user will train with. While the on-screen character changes, Grim will still be present to be fed and cleaned up after.


There are no on-screen icons, and therefore all information is conveyed through the screen and buttons. Grim is cared for by filling his meters; he has Hungry and Happy meters, each consisting of four units, which are both empty when he's born. The Hungry meter decreases by one unit per hour, and the Happy meter decreases by one every 50 minutes. If either becomes empty, Grim or the student call for attention to fill them.

The user can press the C button for an animation to see what it needs. A dizzy spiral signifies an empty Hungry meter, while a sulking lines signify an empty Happy meter. If both the Hungry and Happy meters are not empty, but the Happy meter is not full, the character will perform a happy animation. If the Happy meter is full and the Hungry meter is not empty, the character will perform a unique Close Up; it will show a panning full body graphic of the character before showing a close-up of their face.

Pressing the A button opens the main menu, with the first option for the food menu, and the second option for the lessons. The meal option (canned tuna) fills one Hungry unit, and Grim will refuse to eat anymore once the meter is full. The snack (macarons) fills one Happy unit, and can be fed even when the Happy meter is full. The A button is also used to open the lights on and off menu when the character has fallen asleep. Grim alone sleep at 8 PM, while students sleep at 10 PM. They both wake at 7 AM, and will turn the lights on themselves when they wake up.

Pressing A and C together will open the menu or turn on or off the sound. Pressing the B button will open the clock screen, and pressing A and C together will allow the user to set the time. These two functions are always available regardless of the character's circumstances, except when the user has left the school.


Lessons increase the character's Happy level; winning the lesson fills Happy by one unit, while a perfect lesson fills Happy by two. Which lessons are completed, and how many times they are completed, will impact which house the user will be sorted into and which student they will meet.

  • Magic History: Mozus Trein appears at a desk with his cat, and he will command the user to press either the A or B button, once or twice. The game goes for five rounds. The user must successfully respond at least once to win the game, and five times for a perfect game.
  • Alchemy: Professor Divus Crewel will show a cauldron, and the user must must rapidly press the A button for 15 seconds to stir the cauldron. If the user presses the A button 9 times or less, the potion explodes and game is lost. Pressing the button 10-14 times makes the cauldron produce sparkles (considered a win), and 15 times or more will make fireworks appear from the cauldron (considered a perfect game).

Daily Events

Various characters from Twisted Wonderland will appear, showing the various activities happening within the school. Different days of the week may show different animations and certain events may also appear at different times.

Time Animation/ Daily event
8:30 Dire Crowley walking through the hallway
10:30 Divus Crewel walking through hallway
11:00 Ashton Vargas blowing a whistle
11:30 If you have a student character, they will put on a ceremonial robe and will meet with Dire Crowley.
13:00 Riddle Rosehearts and the Hearyslabyul lounge.
13:30 Lucius and Mozus Trein
13:30 (alt) Ortho Shroud and the Ignihyde Lounge.
14:00 Vil Schoenheit and Pomefiore lounge
15:30 Azul and the Octavinelle lounge
15:30 (alt) Leona Kingscholar at his desk
16:00 Leona and Savannaclaw lounge
17:30 Divus Crewel
19:30 Vil Schoenheit
19:30 (alt) Sam and Mr. S’s mystery shop
19:30 (alt) Ramshackle dorm and Malleus Draconia
21:00 Kalim Al-Asim and Scarabia lounge
21:00 (alt) Idia and his magic tablet
21:00 (alt) Riddle Rosehearts drinking tea

Dorm uniform

After 3-5 days the user's character be sorted into their respective house and change into their dorm uniform. Animations for each dorm are different.

  • Heartsbyul: There is a tea party occurring at the dorm house's tea garden
  • Savannaclaw:
  • Octavinelle:
  • Scarabia:
  • Pomefiore:
  • Ignihyde: There is a feast happening at the dorm house.
  • Diasomnia:


Occasionally, Grim will feel irritated and mischievous and start spreading fire on the screen, indicated by a fire appearing next to him or one of the students. Pressing the A button will soothe Grim and remove the fire, making him happy again. If left for a long time, multiple flames may gradually appear, with 8 flames completely filling the screen. The user will not be able to feed Grim or perform the lessons until the flames are removed.


If calls to feed and study are ignored for too long, or if fire is allowed to fill the screen, the character will become discouraged, indicated by a crying animation next to sulking lines. Pressing the A button twice will comfort the character and regain their trust. As with the fire, the user will not be able to feed Grim or perform the lessons until trust is regained.


If the character is allowed to sulk for a prolonged period of time, the Headmaster will remove the user from the school, indicated by a screen of the school crest with its colors inverted. Pressing the A and C buttons together will start the cycle over.



  • This is the third Nano model (fourth if one considers the 2017 and 2019 versions of the Pocket Usatama separate) to be Disney-themed, being preceded by the Pocket Usatama and the Pocket Usapiyo. Unlike the previous models, the Twistetchi is officially advertised as a Tamagotchi and Disney collaboration.
    • It is also the fourth time overall that Tamagotchi has collaborated with Disney, the first being the Mickey Mouse-themed Tama Deco Pierce for the Tamagotchi P's.
  • This is the first licensed Tamagotchi to be themed after intellectual properties that are western in origin, and the second overall to be themed after non-Japanese intellectual property, after the Jordy Tamagotchi. Despite that, the Twistetchi is planned to be Japan-exclusive.

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