Unipegatchi (ゆにぺがさっち Yunipegasatchi) is a male adult character that debuted on the Tamagotchi On.


Unipegatchi resembles both a pegasus and a unicorn. He is white with two small, teal-gray ears on top of his head. He has medium-sizes eyes with white highlights and determined eyebrows, and round pink cheeks. He has large sky-blue wings, and a star of the same color on his torso. He also has a purple, curly mane, and his unicorn horn shows through when he is happy.


Unipegatchi is described as a magical, mysterious Tamagotchi with a pure heart.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi On

Unipegatchi is exclusive to the Fairy version, and can be befriended and married at Fairy Tale Land. His favorite items are the Ball and Balloons.

Name Origin

His name is a combination of "unicorn" (yunikōn) and "pegasus" (pegasasu). While these words are normally written in katakana, Unipegatchi's name is written in hiragana.

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