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A Tamagotchi's Ura Form is an alternate form of a given Tamagotchi character. Most Ura forms are the opposite of the base character. Ura characters are featured on the UraTama and Tamagotchi v4.5. On the former, the pixels are blue. On the latter, however, the pixels are black.

They usually are the opposite of the other in personality traits, such as the fact that Mametchi is always studying and likes school while Ura Mametchi always makes people laugh. However, characters such as Celebtchi and Daiyatchi do not have a regular form.

Ura characters do have Young Forms, such as Ura Young Mametchi.

Characters in the Ura Mame Family have tails, Characters in the Ura Meme Family have wings, and characters in the Ura Kuchi Family have horns. (Tenpatchi is in the Ura Kuchi Family, but a horn is not visible anywhere, though.)

Two ways to tell if a character is Ura or not are: First of all, Ura Characters have a distinct light blue outline instead of the standard
Ura Color

Ura Character outline color

dark blue. Secondly, they have Ura as a name prefix. One known exception is Uranaitchi, also known as Gypsytchi.
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