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The Ura Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus (ウラじんせーエンジョイ!たまごっちプラス), also known as the Uratama (ウラたま) is a Tamagotchi release that debuted in Japan on July 22, 2006. It is a themed rerelease of the Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus, featuring Ura Tamagotchi characters that live in Uratama Town, a city located inside the Tamagotchi Planet's mouth where it's always night.

The Uratama is distinguished from the Entama by its star-shaped antenna tip, star-shaped beads, and unique blue LCD screen.


The Uratama can connect with another UraTama, an Entama, a Tamagotchi Station, a Dekatama, a Tamagotchi School, a Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus (this includes the Hanerutchi 1 and Keitai Kaitsuu! Tamagotchi Plus Akai), and E-tamago.com. It cannot connect with a Hanerutchi 2. It can play games and exchange presents with both other Uratama and Entama units, but can only marry another Uratama.


Health Meter

The first screen shows the Hungry and Happy meters. The second screen shows the Skill Points. At the start, a Tamagotchi will have 10 points in their family's group (e.g. Ura Mameotchi would have 10 points in Humor). From the second generation onward, the baby will inherit points from the parent. Each skill can have a maximum of 999 points. For the Uratama, the three skills are Humor, Gorgeous, and Passion. The total amount of points influences what adult the Tamagotchi will evolve into, with the exceptions being Ura Oyajitchi and Bikkuritchi's evolutions. Skill Points are also critical to what job the Tamagotchi gets (the Special Jobs excluded).

The third screen shows the Tamagotchi's family, current occupation, and total Gotchi Points (with a maximum of 99,999). The occupation will show the current school the Tamagotchi is attending when in the Child and Teen stages. When the Tamagotchi gets a job, their rank within the job is denoted by stars, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3. Rank goes up with the Tamagotchi's Skill Points, and the higher the rank, the higher the salary.

The fourth screen shows the Tamagotchi's age, weight and name, and the fifth screen shows the gender and generation.


The user can choose from Meal or Snack to feed their Tamagotchi. There are two default meals and two default snacks which never run out. Additional snacks can also be bought; most purchased food items come in quantities of 3, a few of which can be used infinitely.

The user can also cook foods using special ingredients. Each ingredient is separated into one of three categories, based on the Skill Points (Humor, Gorgeous, and Passion). The user must select two ingredients to combine them into a new food. If cooking is successful, a new item will be made and added to the Meal or Snack option. GUT Points will increase by one for each seperate consumption. The Tamagotchi can only cook with ingredients of its own family; Bikkuritchi and its evolutions are excluded and can cook with any ingredients. Combining two ingredients of two different groups will always fail.


The user can clean up after their Tamagotchi here. Also, when a Tamagotchi needs to go to the toilet, the user can select this icon to make their Tamagotchi use the toilet.


There are three games: "Tsukkomi", "Takarasagashi" and "Kawarawari".

The Tsukkomi game is very much like Whack-a-Mole. The user uses the A and C buttons to move the hand left to right and the B button to whack the creatures with a paper fan. If poop is whacked the game is over. 30 creatures need to be whacked for the game to be complete. At least 3 points are necessary to fill a Happy heart. This game increases Humor points.

In the Takarasagashi game, the user needs to guess where the diamond is. Six rounds need to be cleared for the game to be over. If poop is found the game is over. The diamond must be found at least once to fill a Happy heart. This game increases Gorgeous points.

In the Kawarawari game, the user needs to chop logs. The power bar is at the bottom of the screen. The user needs to stop this by pressing A or B buttons when they think the bar is as full as it can get. If a log is not chopped the game is over. At least one log needs to be chopped to fill a Happy heart. This game increases Passion points.


From the communication menu the user can choose "Uratama", "Entama", "Dekatama", "Keitama", "PC-Keitai" or "Tamasute" depending on which version they would like to link to.

When connecting two Uratama, they can play games together, exchange presents or marriage. The games are a snowball fight and karaoke. When playing Karaoke, the users can choose which music their Tamagotchi will sing from "Rock", "Pops" and "Enka". Present exchanging will help make the two Uratama more friendly to each other. The marriage option will only work if the two connecting units are both Uratama units, both adults of the opposite gender with the highest possible relationship level. The game and present options are available when connecting to Entama units, but the marriage option is not.

Using the PC option will generate a 10-digit login code to enter into E-Tamago. After using the site and obtaining an item or present, a logout code will be generated to obtain the prize on the Tamagotchi. Tickets can also be used to access special areas of E-Tamago.


Nazotchi will come twice throughout the day to deliver the newspaper (9 AM) and a letter (4 PM). Additionally, Nazotchi will also appear and leave a letter when the Tamagotchi hits a life milestone, allowing them to attend or graduate school. When a letter is added to the post box, the icon will flash until the user opens the mail.


Items earned or purchased are stored here. In addition to the Entama's items, the Uratama contains some exclusive items, some of which are completely unique, while others take the place of Entama items. There is also an option for using an item for the Tamagotchi's current occupation; selecting this item will send the Tamagotchi to school or work.


This icon shows the user the Friends List, Family list and Grave.

In the Friends List, every Tamagotchi the user has connected to is displayed as well as their friend's gender and relationship level. The Friends List can hold up to 50 friends. If the user attempts to connect to any more, a warning message will appear. Friends can also be deleted from the list.

The Family List shows the user's Tamagotchi's parent, grandparent and great grandparent. The History List shows the previous Tamagotchi that had died.


While the Tamagotchi is attending school, the teacher may periodically show up to teach. Ms. Apron is the teacher during the Child stage. Once the Tamagotchi becomes a Teenager, the user may assign the Tamagotchi to be taught by either Mr. Fukuwarai (Humor), Ms. Blonde (Gorgeous), or Mr. Karate (Passion). The teacher will appear every so often to play a minigame; their respective Skill Point will be hidden under one of three cards, and the player must successfully choose that card. Guessing correctly will increase that skill point.

Tamagotchi Salesman

Twice a day, Ura Ojitchi comes to offer an item for sale, which may be a cooking ingredient, a toy, or an item that increases skill points.


  • The Uratama is the second Tamagotchi release to feature a colored LCD, the first being the Keitai Kaitsuu! Tamagotchi Plus Akai. Ironically, both are themed re-releases around a certain Tamagotchi subspecies.
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